You have been warned

Stupid news link of the day:  Finest investigative journalism

Today’s word count:  214 so far

There’s a distinct trend going around:  Guys asking for BBFS.  Dallas and Austin are currently trying to track down whether there are girls actually giving this.  Everyone else has, upon investigation, discovered it’s merely hopeful hobbyists thinking if they just KEEP ASKING, someone will eventually be stupid enough to say yes.

The vast majority of you will not need to be told.  Those who need to be told, won’t listen.  I’m going to say it anyway, for everyone’s own good.

The answer is not only no, but hell no.

Asking is an automatic DNS.

I’ll then forward your name/handle to other girls.

I’ll contact your references and ask if they offered or gave BBFS, or if you asked them to do so.  Please note that I am being generous – some ladies are merely refusing to accept any and all future references from a gal who has been used as a reference under such circumstances. 

Ask some other lady for BBFS and word gets to me about it – automatic DNS.

Anyone who has a problem with this should feel free to comment here or send me an email, and I shall endeavor to give a damn.

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I am an internet MILF

Stupid news link of the day:  In ur Treasury Dept, stealin’ ur tax dollars, lol

Today’s word count: 139 so far

Current project: Same as yesterday, finishing up.

Current song on my playlist: Cash, Nelson, Cristofferson, Jennings – The Highwayman

I was up laaaate last night, on the phone with another gal.  Liek, laaaaate.  She brought up something I found amusing.  We’d never actually met – came very close, attending the same social events, but hadn’t ever been introduced (two ships passing…).  And while she has pics online, she’s never known what I look like.

She said she had a mental image of me as a forty-something cute MILF, slightly pudgy, Caucasian brunette, sweet and placid.

I got a kick out of that.  My turn!

Chevalier is the only commenter on this blog who I don’t already know what he looks like, so I’ll just do him. I picture Chevalier as a fifty-ish white guy who looks something like Stanley Tucci, only with more hair and a mustache.  He’s mentioned that he wants to lose a little, so my mental Stanley/Chevalier has a spare tire.  You know – bookish, wire-rimmed glasses, serious expression.  And I always picture Chevalier logging on from work or a home office surrounded by wooden bookshelves.

Your turn, lurkers!  (Because I can see the site stats, I know you’re reading this.)  If you don’t already know what I look like, tell me how you picture me.

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Success – it smells like sauvignon blanc

Stupid news link of the day:  When in doubt, bail ’em all out

Today’s word count:  674

Current project:  Home budget piece, sauces in less than ten minutes for less than three dollars

Current song on my playlist:  Chumbawumba – Tubthumpin

Success!  I had my first freelance sales for the month – three in one day, all on healthcare.  This is… pretty typical, actually.  Freelancing always seems to be feast or famine.  Explains why I’m in the hobby biz, eh wot?  Nice little bonus to my bank balance and ego though.  I bought a bottle of wine to celebrate, and that new bikini I’ve been coveting.  (Sporty white bikini with these little glittery brown and blue sparkle-thingies.  Makes my ass look awesome.)

It has been absolutely gorgeous the last few days.  Mr X asked if I planned to start working on my tan.  Aha, it is to laugh.  I, tan?  I’ve got the redhead’s complexion; that pale, pearlescent skin with more or less of freckles.  I’m so white I glow in the dark.  I joke that I use Kabuki makeup for foundation.  I get a sunburn on the way to the grocery store.  Further, I can’t tan.  I’ve tried, way back when I was in high school and every sixteen year old girl would oil up and lay out on the lawn on a towel.  I’ll get more freckles, but that’s about it.  I long ago gave up on getting that nice even tan look, so I just slather on the sunblock and wear hats everywhere so I don’t get sunburnt.

Does anyone know how I find out which driver and video card I’m using, so I can upgrade them?  I know there’s ways to update from the web, but I am so clueless with computers.

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How many uninsured?

Here are my thoughts, based on information supplied by the US Census Bureau.  The UCB stats are considered the go-to reliable information in this area; some health insurance company or sundry others are always trying to put together their own survey/poll/whatever, but usually get ignored.  This is the most recent data available, published in Sept09 for the year 2008.

To start, the number is actually 46.3 million.  I have no idea where the other fourteen million disappear to when the media starts on about uninsured Americans.  My personal suspicions are that someone put a number out there for their own purposes on an article, and everyone else just cited that article’s number from then on.  (It happens.)

9.5 million uninsured are not American citizens at all.  They are foreign-born nationals residing in our country (and no, the UCB isn’t going to make any statements on whether they’re here legally or not.  Motto:  Hey, we just count ’em.)

17.8 million make more than $50k a year.  Safe to assume that these people are uninsured from entirely voluntary reasons, as their income exceeds the national average.

Which leaves us with 19 million uninsured Americans.  I shall leave it to y’all to wade through the stats further on the UCB’s own mentions of underreporting (ie; they missed a few people) and those who were eligible for Medicaid but not signed up for it.  I think it’s safe to say, at any rate, that the famous 32 million Americans is probably more around half that number.

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I didn’t think they were that stupid!

Finally!  Computers suck so much.  Just now got the “add new post” page to load. 

I’ve been running around like the proverbial just-killed chicken.  SO much to do.  This is EXACTLY WHY I spent most of yesterday glued to the news, so the second a vote came down I could be off and running.  Have tracked down a break-out of the voting record, the CBO report, waiting for confirmation of the 37 state AGs said to be preparing lawsuits for Tuesdayfound a vid of the alleged “racist Tea Party”, my notes file is up to 23 pages in Word and I still need to find out where to make a FOIA request to get the wording that supposedly doubles the IRS’ budget beginning this year.

Good gravy, I could take this in a dozen different directions, just off the top of my head.

Top Five Democrats At Risk

Racial Slurs – Agent Provocateur, Lone Ranger or Tea Party-Approved?

Was this about healthcare or tax revenue?  I’ve head quotes of anything from 12-15000 new IRS agents but until I get my hands on something concrete it would be utter worthless op-ed speculation.  Still… interesting line of thought.

Ye gods, commerce clause.  The internet’s going to explode over this one.  Legislating forced consumption of a product.  Is it constitutional?  Is it designed to stimulate the economy by requiring consumer activity?  What would they legislate we buy next?

Excise tax of 40% on employer-sponsored plans exceeding $10,200 (individual) and $27,500 (family).  How’s THAT going to play out?

Tax for four years, then provide the benefits.  That’s going to go over well.

Are we even going to HAVE doctors after all’s said and done? 

The insurance companies must be loving this.  They’ve just had every American ordered to buy their product or else.  Time to buy stock.  (God, wouldn’t I love that.  “Every American must go see a provider.  We will be checking up on you, so see to it!”)

On the bright side, I’ve had my refusal to ever get a job as a mainstream journalist reaffirmed.  My hackles raise every time I read that we’ve just given Americans “expanded health coverage”.  Bullshit, we’ve been ordered to buy it!  Which, if Americans could afford it, they were likely doing already anyhow.  Ditto with each mention of “riding to the rescue of 32 million uninsured Americans”.  I’ll come back with the actual breakdown of that number, because disinformation campaigns drives me nuts.

You might be thinking that my focus is narrowing down to thr requirement that all Americans purchase health insurance.  You would be correct.  It’s the part of the bill which was unnecessary to the efficiacy of the bits I can get on board with:  No more charging women more than men for identical plans.  No more lifetime limits.  No denials based on pre-existing (and often “pre-existing”, read: bullshit, you made that up) conditions.  No cancelling coverage because now the insured needs to use it.

This wasn’t an “insurance reform” bill, though, and that’s the point.  Those things are what consumers have been howling for action on, for quite some years now.  They’re just the Democratic Incumbent Protection Plan, snuck in there amidst enforced consumption just so that we will please, pretty please, not boot their sorry self-serving arse ends out of office this fall.

Ack.  Off to burn up my keyboard.

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Gawd, I’m bored

It’s Friday night and I’ve nothing to do. 

Eccie’s been a lot of fluff and nonsense lately.  Nothing interesting to read or post on.

The new Gabriel Iglesias vid was great but I’ve watched it twice already.

I’ve met my weekly quotas for both my jobs and feel like faffing off.

I can’t get Sims3 to install on my computer.  Stupid technology.  My plans for the night involved a lovely bottle of pinot grigio, a box of chocolates and bag of Funyuns and some serious vegging in front of a computer screen all night and now those plans are RUINED.

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Posters don’t hobby

There’s a very interesting discussion over on Chevalier’s blog.  Y’all should check it out.  It looks like the conversation is crossing three blogs now – Chevalier, Inspired to Blog and Mamasan Speaks. 

Some thought-provoking blogs and comments.  Most people have already said everything I was thinking, except for one thing.

The Mamasan said this in a comment:

The ladies have a saying, “The guy who posts the most will hobby the least” so there is certainly a wide difference between posters and clients.

True, I’ve heard that saying myself.  Even used it a time or two on the backchannels.  In the broader sense, it’s an accurate observation.  However, it doesn’t hold true when applied to the CC market.

Let’s just look at the fellows who have stated in public they’ve enjoyed some quality time with me.  Rjdiner, CCsugardaddy, Bull149.  All three familiar Corpus posters.  Lickalotapus probably gets more nookie than I do.  SPHunter gets laid more often than any two providers you care to name.  XxSaviorxX plays, we’ve seen the reviews. 

Point being, while I agree that even in Corpus most business comes from lurkers or guys with three posts, unlike every other city board, Corpus posters are in the game for the game itself.  Not just talking about the game on an internet message board.

Any thoughts on why Corpus seems to be the exception? 

Now that I’m thinking of it, Corpus is an exception in another area as well.  OUR Co-Ed board isn’t full of assholes.  We must have the best-behaved, least-drama Co-Ed on all of Eccie, and we’re blissfully ignorant of the “us vs them” hobbyist/provider spite fest going on all over the rest of the site.   Correlation?  

But why?

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Of all the things I considered when my current hobby situation was proposed – and trust that I considered it very thoroughly – the thing that most took me by surprise is that I’ve gotten lonely.

Not to say that my current companion is somehow lacking, or the sessions too infrequent.  Rather, I didn’t realize how I would miss having a variety of friends.  New delicious people to enjoy time with every week, private jokes that would go into my signature line.  Inquiry emails, calling around for references and inevitably having a bit of a chat with the ladies I’m getting a reference from, all those little phone calls here and there which never really took much time (five minutes? ten?) but helped break the ice when that door was opened for the first time on a face I’d not yet met.  

I’d never considered myself busy, and from what complaints I heard from other gals on what they considered to be a fruitful week I wasn’t even coming close, but there was usually something going on or in the works.   Someone to talk to.  An email to return.  I’m the old maiden aunt now, sitting on the sidelines watching everyone’s fun and handing out references. 

Huh.  Bull once said he thought I was fairly vanilla, and in the context in which he used it I agreed.  I’m not even remotely a freaky party girl, more a reserved homebody who just likes to get her nookie on (and complains if she isn’t getting enough). 

I’m a bit puzzled at myself to find that I miss variety.  Seems to go with a more adventurous nature than mine. 

Don’t fret, y’all, I’m not feeling sorry for myself.  (Hell, I’m damned fortunate right now and don’t I know it.)  I got a call yesterday from a friend whom I hadn’t seen since I went off the market, and it was such a nice little chat.  I was flattered to get his call.  I’d mentioned to Brandy that it felt a little lonesome to have only one playmate, but the call from an old friend brought it back to my mind. 

 I think I’m going to enjoy it when I’m back on the market.  Even if it does mean having to put up with asking three times for a fellow to send his references.

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Links, ideas and random whatnot

This news link is awesome.  It sums up quite nicely why y’all see me doing a lot of cranky sniping about the FedRes, Bernanke, banking and monetary policy.

Stupid news link of the day:  TVs and iPods are holding steady, hurrah!

Today’s word count:  1574

Current project:  This blog.  After 1500 words, I’m soaking my hands in ice water.

Current song on my playlist: Pantera – Walk

Sorry for the delayed in updating this.  Was muy occupied.  My editor should be put on lorazapam.  I’m just sayin’…

Does anyone speak enough Spanish to spell “peneho”?  You know, dummy, idiot, moron, stupid guy.  I might not be even close (friggin’ white girl from way up north, give me a break).

Brandy, the site looks nice.  Very chic and classic.  And yet, I can’t find the bits explaining the written referencing thing.  Wanted to update my blog post with the new link.

Yall, fair warning that not all of the links over on the side panel are hobby sites.  JohnGaltFla is – like me – an armchair economist with a decent IQ who reads a lot.  His politics are a bit strange (he links to survivalist stuff), and at times he talks way over my head, but the economy analysis is usually great.  Smashing graphs.  He’d do well as a freelancer if he cleaned up his writing skills.  MogamboGuru is a pro, but he’s resorted to satire with that particular blog.  He writes as if he were an economist on three pots of coffee and an ounce of high-quality crack.  Funny stuff.

I have an idea.  Saw this on Eccie.  What say, when I’m back, I offer topless cooking.  I’ll bring the goods (and the food too), whip off my shirt and bra, and put together supper or breakfast for a gent.  Sounds like fun, personally.  I think I’m going to have to make bacon verboten though – grease spatters on tender rosy bits would not be fun.

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Nice to see our money being spent well

I like this daily stats thing.  Both of my income streams are entrepeneurial, meaning I have no one to report to, no one to discuss my day with, no one to keep me on task.   It makes me feel more productive to tell at least the random, faceless readers of this blog what I did today.

Stupid news link of the day:  Yay foreclosures!

Today’s word count:  993

Current project:  A business article comparing executive compensation in US, Europe and Asia.

Curent song on my playlist:  Neil McCoy – Billy’s Got His Beer Goggles On

Every time I write on this blog it seems my playlist is on country music.  Most of my playlist is actually rock.  I’ve got it on shuffle though, so random selections and all that.

Y’all might have the idea that I read a lot of news sites.  Y’all would be correct.  When one specializes in political commentary and the economy, one must actually keep tabs on current events.  It seems as if half the job in freelancing is predicting what the editors are going to want to see next. 

Speaking of news, let’s discuss today’s stupid link.  And by “discuss” I mean “Emily’s going to go off on a bit of a rant”.  I think this quote was the biggest source of my ire, though there were plenty of candidates.

He recommends those loans could be refinanced and insured by the Federal Housing Administration. But that would put the risk of future defaults on taxpayers. 

O rly?  Pray, good sir, have you ever heard of Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac?  They run deficits in the B-B-BILLIONS, own half the new paper since the collapse began in 2007, and have been given a blank check by the government.  Yes, a blank check.  Through them, the government is now (I’m pretty sure, but I’ll fact-check if anyone requires verification) the largest single owner of US mortgage paper.  Though the way the Federal Reserve has been propping the mortgage-based securities market, they might have a fair challenge to the position.

My question, of course, is where was this man with his common sense (read: no shit, really?) approach when we bailed out  took over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Don’t even get me started on student loans.

The best solution, many analysts say, is to reduce the total mortgage amount for borrowers who owe far more on their home loans than their homes are worth. But Treasury officials are reluctant to subsidize such an effort with taxpayer money.

*smack*  TARP, idiot!  Reluctance?  Reluctance, he says. 

Dante’s fourth circle of hell is bureaucrats.

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