Brandy’s Bedroom, and references

I’d like it if you guys could read this link and tell me what you think of it.  To put it really quickly, Brandy is proposing hobby references be done in writing, and the ladies go online to check your reference rather than call around or send emails/PMs.  No waiting for replies.

There’s an awful lot of other ideas too.  She’s been a busy gal!

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  1. For the gentlemen’s references about ladies, it seems insufficient. Most clients considering seeing a new lady would likely prefer a full-scale review. I don’t know if I would use it.

    For the ladies’ references about gentlemen, it’s similar to Preferred411 but with the opportunity to leave a few more details than just “OK.” But of course that functionality is for the benefit of the ladies, and I don’t know how valuable they would consider it.

  2. We consider it very valuable. The notion keeps getting tossed around in backchannels, and dropped for two reasons.

    1) How to write a reference on a lurker without revealing email/number.

    2) Hobbyists getting the idea that the references are like their reviews. I can just see guys DNS’ing every lady who writes references, assuming we’re all giggling about their performance.

    But if a workable system could be set up to which the hobbyists didn’t object, the girls would jump on it like an eight-second ride.

  3. For gentlemen’s references regarding ladies… thats not the purpose of the bedroom. You guys have TONS of sites for that information. The ladies, however, have a limited choice. There is P411, there is provider buzz, there is date check, there is going to be my place which will have the above features but in an easier to reference site with discussions enabled between the ladies. This way, if someone writes a less than honest reference, other ladies can come on board and say I agree or disagree. The more information a lady has about a new client the better, including if the client has any physical disabilities, a physical description so that you know it’s not some guy who picked a name off of ECCIE to use.. and more.

  4. Oh and the workable forum is here

  5. Crap link isn’t working… I swear to gawd….

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