The provider hierarchy

There was an interesting post by ThatHarleyGuy in the Austin forums.  In it, he discusses a hierarchy among providers, of the “If you see HER, then I won’t see you” variety.

Well, now.  I’ve some commentary. 

There are some gals whose references I can’t accept, and I’m pretty sure it’s not from some petty jealousy of the Hive Vagina Hierarchy.  There are the odd providers whose reference aren’t worth a piss-hole in the snow. 

I’m thinking of one gal in particular.  (And I’m not going to name her.  Not even her city.)  She’s fairly popular, but her references are crap.  Every single instance in which a hobbyist had only two references, and she was one of them, the session was a disaster even though she claimed the guys were fine.  Rude.  Time-wasters.  Complainers.  Rough.  Shorting the envelope.  Outrageous demands. 

I’d already started being very wary of her references when it all culminated in an alert she posted on ASPD.  I read the alert in one of the handful of times I logged onto the site.  In it, she reported a guy she’d seen who had choked, roughed up and robbed her.  What really got me is that she said she’d seen him five times before and he’d always been like that, albeit to a lesser degree.  Yet she kept seeing him. 

And, I can only assume, referencing him.

I can see how confusion could arise.  A fellow might think she does B&Gs, fifteen- and thirty-minute sessions, and since I have an hour minimum then I simply consider myself a cut above her business methods.  Well, in truth, I do.  Because I’ve got better screening standards than she does, though, not because of any time minimums. 

She’ll see anyone at all, no matter how much of an asshat or potentially dangerous hobbyist he is, and then pass him on to other ladies.  When a hobbyist sends her along as one of two references I try to plumb for a better one.  If he can’t find a better one, then I have to wonder why.

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