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This news link is awesome.  It sums up quite nicely why y’all see me doing a lot of cranky sniping about the FedRes, Bernanke, banking and monetary policy.

Stupid news link of the day:  TVs and iPods are holding steady, hurrah!

Today’s word count:  1574

Current project:  This blog.  After 1500 words, I’m soaking my hands in ice water.

Current song on my playlist: Pantera – Walk

Sorry for the delayed in updating this.  Was muy occupied.  My editor should be put on lorazapam.  I’m just sayin’…

Does anyone speak enough Spanish to spell “peneho”?  You know, dummy, idiot, moron, stupid guy.  I might not be even close (friggin’ white girl from way up north, give me a break).

Brandy, the site looks nice.  Very chic and classic.  And yet, I can’t find the bits explaining the written referencing thing.  Wanted to update my blog post with the new link.

Yall, fair warning that not all of the links over on the side panel are hobby sites.  JohnGaltFla is – like me – an armchair economist with a decent IQ who reads a lot.  His politics are a bit strange (he links to survivalist stuff), and at times he talks way over my head, but the economy analysis is usually great.  Smashing graphs.  He’d do well as a freelancer if he cleaned up his writing skills.  MogamboGuru is a pro, but he’s resorted to satire with that particular blog.  He writes as if he were an economist on three pots of coffee and an ounce of high-quality crack.  Funny stuff.

I have an idea.  Saw this on Eccie.  What say, when I’m back, I offer topless cooking.  I’ll bring the goods (and the food too), whip off my shirt and bra, and put together supper or breakfast for a gent.  Sounds like fun, personally.  I think I’m going to have to make bacon verboten though – grease spatters on tender rosy bits would not be fun.

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  1. Un pendejo.

    Trabajando con un pendejo es muy mal. Lo siento!

  2. No comprendo. La wedita habla muy perquito Espanol. And my spelling must be crap, since I’ve almost never seen these words written down.

    Un pendejo. Thanks.

  3. Back to working on it today luv. Was busy the past few days 🙂

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