Posters don’t hobby

There’s a very interesting discussion over on Chevalier’s blog.  Y’all should check it out.  It looks like the conversation is crossing three blogs now – Chevalier, Inspired to Blog and Mamasan Speaks. 

Some thought-provoking blogs and comments.  Most people have already said everything I was thinking, except for one thing.

The Mamasan said this in a comment:

The ladies have a saying, “The guy who posts the most will hobby the least” so there is certainly a wide difference between posters and clients.

True, I’ve heard that saying myself.  Even used it a time or two on the backchannels.  In the broader sense, it’s an accurate observation.  However, it doesn’t hold true when applied to the CC market.

Let’s just look at the fellows who have stated in public they’ve enjoyed some quality time with me.  Rjdiner, CCsugardaddy, Bull149.  All three familiar Corpus posters.  Lickalotapus probably gets more nookie than I do.  SPHunter gets laid more often than any two providers you care to name.  XxSaviorxX plays, we’ve seen the reviews. 

Point being, while I agree that even in Corpus most business comes from lurkers or guys with three posts, unlike every other city board, Corpus posters are in the game for the game itself.  Not just talking about the game on an internet message board.

Any thoughts on why Corpus seems to be the exception? 

Now that I’m thinking of it, Corpus is an exception in another area as well.  OUR Co-Ed board isn’t full of assholes.  We must have the best-behaved, least-drama Co-Ed on all of Eccie, and we’re blissfully ignorant of the “us vs them” hobbyist/provider spite fest going on all over the rest of the site.   Correlation?  

But why?

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  1. The lack of assholes on the CC part of the board is interesting. I noticed several years ago on ASPD that different cities had different cultures and personalities, and that could be part of it. I don’t know about the relative volume of posters and posts, but that could be a factor as well.

    But whatever the reason, enjoy it! 🙂

    • Oh, we’ve got assholes. One guy in particular drives me nuts, clueless git (no, Clint, I don’t mean you, lol). There’s just not that many of the bad sort, and they know better for the most part than to expect the “bros before hos” set to come save them when they get in over their head.

      I’ve really been racking my brain on this one. I read Eccie by hitting “New Posts” when I get there, and since that returns all new posts site-wide, I post and read nationally. I don’t restrict myself, like most, to my city boards or even just the Texas boards. This means I know what’s going on over all of Eccie, and I can confirm the huge difference in flavor between Austin or Nawlins and Corpus. I’d love to know why, because the answer might be the answer to the question you posed the other ladies of, is an alternative feasible?

      Is it the small market? Could be, could very well be. We all tend to know one another here in CC, at least by one degree of seperation. Rather more difficult to start a rant about uppity whores when the gal in question bought you a beer at the last social. We’re not just faceless bytes on a computer screen.

      Is it the small number of ladies? Strong argument. CC has a VERY ridiculously limited selection of ladies. The alternatives are even more limited; pretty much strip clubs and prayer.

      Is it some Texas sub-culture thing? Are CC guys really just better behaved than the norm? Honestly, it might be. When I moved from SA to CC, instances of problem hobbyists dropped through the cellar. Only one alert-worthy session ever from a CC guy.

      Guys, this does not mean I’m giving y’all a pass on this notion that four hours to screen and get to an incall counts as “pre-booking”!

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