How many uninsured?

Here are my thoughts, based on information supplied by the US Census Bureau.  The UCB stats are considered the go-to reliable information in this area; some health insurance company or sundry others are always trying to put together their own survey/poll/whatever, but usually get ignored.  This is the most recent data available, published in Sept09 for the year 2008.

To start, the number is actually 46.3 million.  I have no idea where the other fourteen million disappear to when the media starts on about uninsured Americans.  My personal suspicions are that someone put a number out there for their own purposes on an article, and everyone else just cited that article’s number from then on.  (It happens.)

9.5 million uninsured are not American citizens at all.  They are foreign-born nationals residing in our country (and no, the UCB isn’t going to make any statements on whether they’re here legally or not.  Motto:  Hey, we just count ’em.)

17.8 million make more than $50k a year.  Safe to assume that these people are uninsured from entirely voluntary reasons, as their income exceeds the national average.

Which leaves us with 19 million uninsured Americans.  I shall leave it to y’all to wade through the stats further on the UCB’s own mentions of underreporting (ie; they missed a few people) and those who were eligible for Medicaid but not signed up for it.  I think it’s safe to say, at any rate, that the famous 32 million Americans is probably more around half that number.

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