You have been warned

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There’s a distinct trend going around:  Guys asking for BBFS.  Dallas and Austin are currently trying to track down whether there are girls actually giving this.  Everyone else has, upon investigation, discovered it’s merely hopeful hobbyists thinking if they just KEEP ASKING, someone will eventually be stupid enough to say yes.

The vast majority of you will not need to be told.  Those who need to be told, won’t listen.  I’m going to say it anyway, for everyone’s own good.

The answer is not only no, but hell no.

Asking is an automatic DNS.

I’ll then forward your name/handle to other girls.

I’ll contact your references and ask if they offered or gave BBFS, or if you asked them to do so.  Please note that I am being generous – some ladies are merely refusing to accept any and all future references from a gal who has been used as a reference under such circumstances. 

Ask some other lady for BBFS and word gets to me about it – automatic DNS.

Anyone who has a problem with this should feel free to comment here or send me an email, and I shall endeavor to give a damn.

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  1. OK, I have no idea what you look like, except that, like me, you have red hair and do not tan. I’m thinkin 5’5″, a little extra padding which accentuates your curves, natural Cs, maybe a tattoo or so(nothing too prominent), devilish green eyes. There. You are officially my fantasy woman. I like a little junk in the trunk. How close am I?

    • LOL, pretty darned close. I’m officially impressed.

      5’0″, curvy, 32D cup with what I’m told is a great ass for a white girl. The eyes are blue, and the smile is devilish (I tell people a smirk is my natural facial expression.) One very small tattoo which most people don’t notice.

      I’ve probably gone and ruined the fantasy now, eh? And welcome, my fellow redhead! I love meeting other redheads, there aren’t enough of us.

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