This shit really pisses me off

Freeloading predatory assholes.

Just for f’ing starters, DoL is already cracking down on unpaid internships.  Because they’re ILLEGAL, dipshits.  Interns are only allowed to be unpaid positions when the company can prove the interns are learning something of academic value in their field, are not providing work of monetary value to the company and are not replacing paid positions.

Assigned tasks will include writing stories, copy editing other interns work, and submitting typos and broken links while each guide is in beta.

Clearly doesn’t apply here.  

Further, I’m getting really sick of editors who think they can buy copyrights for bylines only.  You would not believe the number of dickwads who try this stunt, even from (hypothetically) reputable mags.   Bullshit.  Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.  If you want to publish my stuff, you have to give me a byline anyway as per copyright law (unless you’ve paid for universal, full-rights-in-perpetuity licence, in which case I’m considered a ghostwriter, but you had to BUY such a licence or it’s plagiarism to profit without credit).  Volunteer bylines are considered fluff crap anyway in the market – giving your work away doesn’t impress anyone.  Whoever answers this ad is going to find out they wasted four months of work for what real editors are going to consider the equivalent of writing for your high school’s paper.   

Assholes preying on the gullible really annoy the hell out of me.

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  1. An attempt to help get people off of the unemployed rolls by working for free. Anyone stupid enough to take them up on this deserves exactly what they get — nothing.

    • They aren’t going to get many takers. People who WANT to be writers are usually the sort who fall for this, but in that case the editor gets what they pay for – a clueless n00b who, if they had any experience or education, wouldn’t be working for free.

      Hi Bull! I didn’t know you read my blog.

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