It speaks, but does it write?

And we have a journalist outing herself on the Diamonds and Tuxedos forum.


You know Emily’s got some commentary on this one. 

Reporters, journalists, they are held to that standard. You ahve to be fair and unbiased, Often they makes people unhappy as the truth is not always welcome and can create all sorts of misery for people.

Rubbish.  Reporters always have an angle.  Editors always want to know what the angle is.  That’s what sells copy.  There is no “fair” and there’s damned well no “unbiased”, there is only the angle on the facts.  The facts are supposed to be accurate, for a given value of “accurate”, but that’s all.

Ron Paul takes second in the last straw poll, losing by only one vote to Mitt Romney and getting far more votes (60 more, IIRC) than Sarah Palin.  A mainstream poll sits him as having a 41% vote approval rating, right behind President Obama with 42% in the same poll.  The headline?  “Longshot candidate Ron Paul considering bid”.   Tell me again about “unbiased”.

A recent Rasmussen poll put voters who identified themselves as Tea Party members at 24%, up eight points from the last poll when the number was 16%.  They are labeled a “fringe” group in the media, and as “radicals”.  Tell me again how fair it is to call a quarter of the nation a “fringe”.

Disclosure:  I am not now nor have I ever been a Tea Party member, and neither have I attended one of their rallies.  I have, though, voted for Ron Paul and will bloody well do so again if given the opportunity. 

This talk about “truth” sounds all nice and whatnot but it’s bullshit.  Newspapers don’t sell the truth.  They publish whichever plausible version of the truth will make the most money.  I have yet to meet a reporter who thought different.  Truly a “don’t hate the player – hate the game” breed of cat.

This gal might be a real reporter, and if so she’s blowing sunshine up the forum’s collective arse ends.  Putting out something sugary-sweet in the hopes someone will buy it and give her the story, because she’s such a NICE gal only in pursuit of “the truth”.  Or, and I am not ruling this one out, she’s not a reporter at all, she’s a freelancer or intern hoping to get that big Pulitzer-worthy story that breaks her onto the scene.

Stories about people who lead a quiet middle-class life outside of sessions are boring.  Stories about drug-addicted hookers with a long history of abuse at the hands of men, who make their money off other abusive and misogynistic men that will all become serial rapists and murderers one day when they get up the courage, is what will sell.  People like comfortable caricatures that fit their preconceived notions and tell them what “everyone knows” to be true. 

Which is why I don’t write about the hobby.  My life is not interesting enough to make the news.

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