And this is a damned good illustration of why I don’t post much.

As far as RJ goes… I’ve always liked the guy.  Nor do I mean that in the “I don’t know him but I like his posts” sort of way.  I actually know him, have laid eyes on him, have enjoyed conversation with him, and did all this before I got on the hobby boards.  And I like him.  Always thought of him as enjoyable, intelligent and a good hobbyist.  This level of ire from him on the topic of healthcare rather has me at a loss. 

I’m choosing to believe he is still the same likable guy, but that I am not in possession of all the facts of his life (which I’m not, we aren’t bosom buddies or anything).  For all I know, his brother died when they were kids because his family couldn’t afford medication.  I don’t know if this is true but I don’t know that it ISN’T, and it would certainly explain why his reaction seems a bit… hostile.

The other guy, though, seems just educated enough to be an inflammatory dickwad in grander language, albeit not educated enough to carry on a  proper discussion.

I make a very long post, taking pains to phrase my opinions as opinions, not bringing anyone’s person/character/their mother into the argument, and offer refuting facts of unquestionably high value from strong sources (World Bank, Census Bureau – no Fox News or weirdo conspiracy sites). 

And in response, I get this:

Just my .02 of inflammatory nonsense, but I wonder how many providers actually claim their services on taxes (or even file)? Easy to be an armchair quarterback when your not in the game, eh?

So passive-aggressive it’s almost cute.  Probably he meant all those other providers posting on the thread, heya?  I call ad hominem.  He responds with, “I’m rubber and you’re glue, nyaa nyaa.”  Pithy!  That’s me told, right enough.

I’m waiting for the Ultimate Hobbyist Smackdown – that he’s taking me off his “to see” list because I dared to speak in front of the menfolk.  Oho, that’d be rich indeed, on many levels.  Throw in likening me to Hitler and we’d have MessageBoard Bingo.

Le sigh.  Look, y’alls, can’t we all – well, certainly not “get along”, but I’ll settle for “act like adults”.  Name-calling, taunts, childishness, sticking your fingers in your ears, “you’re a girl, yucky girls don’t know anything”… I left that sort of behavior behind me more than two decades ago and some hobbyists are old enough to be my grandfather, so they’ve got even less excuse.

I’ll bet I’m the youngest person on that thread.  I’ll be vastly disappointed if I’m also the most mature.

ETA: No one say anything about MBB (MessageBoard Bingo)!  He just called me a bitch in Latin.  If he threatens to take me off his “to see” list, I’ve got a bingo and Mr X owes me lunch.  In San Antonio.  I’m thinking Stonewerks, but their wine list has kind of gone downhill.  Any ideas? 

Silver lining, y’all.  Silver lining.

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