A word on reality

People don’t like to be challenged.  By ‘challenged’ I don’t mean a display of alpha male aggression – I mean ‘stretched’.  It’s uncomfortable to take your worldviews and long-held opinions out of their box and take a good hard look at them. 

“I think, therefore I am.”  If that were true then man would not qualify as a sentient species.  Man does not think.  Man accepts.  A person will be fed their opinions early, or occasionally will display “rebelliousness” by reading rhetoric that “feels right”; in neither case will that person ever question these beliefs again, no matter what reality might tell them.  Never let the facts get in the way of a good opinion.  (Hey, it’s less painful than learning to think!)

“Everyone knows” liberals are wild-eyed pinko commie hippies who hate America and smoke pot and want to have us all chipped and ban everything fun because it’s bad for us.

“Everyone knows” conservatives are gun-toting bible-thumping sister-humping rednecks who worship Beck/Limbaugh and only read Fox News and hate anyone who isn’t white.

“Everyone knows” hookers are all crack-whores who are pimped out, abused by their johns, and apend all their money on drugs.

It’s a quirk of human nature.  Here’s something I once wrote on it:

Perception is the filter by which we view reality. In theory this works quite well, but then so does communism. All men are idealists and view the world through rose-tinted glasses, the left hand lens being called Experience and the right Bias, both such being so wound up in who we are that the whole is called Ego. Ordinary pink spectacles they are to others but to our own selves perception is a validation and summation of our existence. Thus will a man choose perception over reality if the latter disagrees with the former. To an intellect, this is irony – to a bastard, this is opportunity.

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