Music, savage beasts, yadda yadda

Blame Greyhound for this one, he got me started on the topic. 

I’m a music freak.  I’ve got a collection of music which rivals my collection of books.  Seriously eclectic range too – Tocatta and Fugue to Toby Keith to Pantera to Bonnie Tyler.  I think the only music I don’t like is the vast majority of R&B/hip-hop and pop.  No R. Kelly, Lady Gaga or Justin Timberlake; all of them strange, strange people with unfortunate hair (Lady Gaga is at least talented – just don’t personally care for her work).    

Most of y’all who know me will likely recall that my work phone’s ringer is Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite.  I get a kick at the look on a guy’s face when he hears it.  I think he must have been expecting whatever’s hot in rap this week, like every other provider.

My favorite song, though?  I don’t actually have one favorite, but I do have one song that I will never get tired of no matter how often I hear it.  I’ve put it on “repeat” and just let it go over and over while editing some of my latest scribblings.  It’s the ringtone on my personal phone.  I dig it, yo. 

Slipknot – Psychosocial 

I like music, lots of music, but hard rock will always be my favorite genre.  Did you know I used to dance in strip clubs?  Yeah.  This is the music I danced to.  In a crowd of 30-60 girls all fighting over the same twenty hip-hop songs, I stuck out.

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  1. You know, I’m always looking for new stuff, and I’d never really listened to Slipknot before. I’d heard “of” them, and I could probably give 1 or 2 examples of their stuff from the radio, but your mention of Psychosocial piqued my curiosity. Off to YouTube to check it out… and wow. Very cool stuff. That led to other stuff, and now I’m the proud owner of their entire discography, which I’m just starting to dig into. I’ve been primarily stuck on “All Hope is Gone”, but I’m digging into Subliminal a bit, and from there into some older stuff. I must agree with you that Psychosocial is an amazing song. However, I think for me, I’m leaning towards Snuff as one of my favorites, followed by Psycho, closely being trailed by Duality, Vermillion Pt 2, and Gehanna. In other words, thanks for expanding my musical sphere. That’s why I like asking what other people groove to. I’ll usually find some nugget of deliciousness that I hadn’t come across before.

    “I cannot maintain a semblance of Normal anymore”
    – C. Taylor

  2. These guys got mad crazy skills, man. IMO, Slipknot is the Black Sabbath or AC/DC of today: insanely talented, and doing something both fun and marketable but UNIQUE. They could never be confused for another band, which is my biggest beef with bands like Nickelback and Creed. Occasionally good, but generic.

    Snuff is their latest. I think it’s incredibly good and shows the learning curve of their lyrics to be improving. Duality is another that is just f’ing awesome, and has a spot in most of my playlists.

    One of my ultimates on the groove list, definitely. I don’t think Slipknot can do a bad song.

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