Gratuitious politics post du jour

Arizona.  Illegal immigration.  Yadda yadda.

I stated my broad opinions on this over in the D&T forum.  Cliff notes: Federal perogative which is not being exercised, situation becoming untenable, “Papieren bitte!” raises my hackles.

But this post isn’t necessarily about my opinions on the Arizona legislation.  If you want those, you can always go read the post on Eccie.

What I find curious and thought-provoking about this whole thing is that, after following the bill and the news on this quite extensively, it ought to be a non-starter.  Arizona has essentially plagiarized the federal law already on the books.  It’s the ultimate in “me too” legislation.  It doesn’t actually DO anything except state AZ now plans to do what the feds said they were going to do all along.

And for this, the President wants the DoJ to get involved?  For this, we get wild violent protests full of swastikas (from the pro-illegal set, y’all!)?

Perhaps it is the cynic in me, but I’m seriously contemplating that this was a casus belli.  Why the overreaction?  Why now?  Well, because it needed to be thrust into the public conscious so the masses could be properly convinced this is a Big Deal in need of Immediate And Drastic Reform Legislation.

I’m waiting to see how this develops.  It’d be nice to be wrong.  Maybe it’s merely that it’s going to be a hot summer, and everyone’s broke, and Greece/Spain/Portugal only make Joe Six-Pack uncomfortable without knowing precisely why – but illegals!  Yes, we understand that one!

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  1. Let us not forget those swastikas were made of refried beans. Talk about sending a confusing message. “Were just humans, don’t treat us different because of our skin color or nationality!” Followed by desecration with their ethnic groups most identifiable commodity, the bean. I’m Hispanic and its been embarrassing to watch. I can’t help but, feel lots of tiny string at play here. Those protesters sure get those signs printed quick. Love your blog, Ed

    • Yeah, I thought that was pretty damned counterproductive.

      Welcome to the blog, Ed! Good to see you settling in okay on the forum.

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