Written references

I’ve been considering this for a VERY long time and finally came to a decision.  Here’s my new policy for all youse guys out there.

I’m not adding references for friends I’ve seen in the past to Brandy’s site unless

– I’ve specifically asked you, and you specifically said yes

– you request that I do so

– you’re an asshole and I wrote an alert on your sorry self, so any complaints will be promptly filed under “Kiss My Ass”

In the future, I shall ask all gents if they would like me to do a written reference.  I will absolutely take no for an answer, with no hard feelings or getting pissy about it.  I like my reputation as a reliable gal who keeps her word.  If you say no, then it’s a no and you can get references from me by email/PM, as usual. 

Guys, I have to say that I think the idea has a lot of merit.  Corpus is big for short-notice appointments.  With the system Brandy is setting up, never mind it taking hours or days – a guy can get vouched in moments.  Y’all know that sometimes I go days without checking in online, so you can still get referenced by me just by pointing the lady of your choice to Brandy’s forum.   

I’m not putting up anything except transferring a couple of alerts for the next 48 hours.  If you’re one of the guys who gave me permission to write their reference, the delay is to give you time to read this and tell me if you’ve changed your mind.   

Like I said, I’ve thought about this long and hard.  I think this might be the best way to meet everyone’s convenience without causing any bad juju.  If you have further thoughts, feel free to chime in.

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Gratuitious politics et cetera, part two

Stupid news link of the day:  Obama has affair with Batwoman!  Trufax!!

And this is why I refuse to align myself with ANY party.  I believe nothing I read and only half of what I see.  If I can find “news” quoted in many different places AND at least two sources which corroberate the facts presented, I’ll go with the facts and edit the angle.  Because there is always an angle and most MSM is bullshit.  An exercise in mass crowd control with a generous dollop of entertainment.  And I’m a f’ing cynic, though in my good moods I like to think of it as “enjoying a healthy sense of skepticism”.

This?  It’s the Enquirer, for fuck’s sake!  Are you shitting me? 

The same conservatives who quote Reagan’s famous saying, “The scariest words in the English language are ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help”, the same people who read the MSM with a jaundiced eye, will fall all over themselves with gleeful whoops and circle-jerk for hours if they see anything the only benefit of which is it’s what they want to hear.  Even when it’s an obvious woo-woo source; Alex Jones, Sorcha Faal, the f’ing Enquirer…

People are idiots.  Good sweet Christ, if critical thinking skills were a cause of death, you’d be more likely to be electrocuted in a bathtub while simultaneously being eaten by a freshwater tub-dwelling shark.

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