Seriously, what is the deal with this woman?  (That would be Lady Gaga.)  I mean, check out the video.  Definitely smokin’  body – my rack trumps hers any day of the week but I’d kill to look so good in bra and panties.  And yet – mind you, I am not one to judge, but there are limits – even if I did look so tasty in bra and panties, I am pretty certain I would wear something on top of them… say, clothes… to a ballgame.

Nuts.  F’ing nuts.  Or on drugs, whichever.  Gawd, is someone dating this chick?  Because the sex is probably just raw as hell but she seems like one of those batshit insane types who would talk about blowjobs and how sexy blood is when meeting your mother.

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  1. And it gets better: “I wanna take ride on your disco stick.” How artistic! And subtle, too. At the risk of sounding like an oldfart, this is music?

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