Magical land of Not Gonna Happen

I think this has to be filed under “I’m not as stupid as I look – that whole internet thing notwithstanding”.

Please do not ask, O Stumblers Across My Blog, for me to write articles for you gratis.  I don’t do causes.  I have probably never heard of your nascent sex workers union, feminist hookers e-zine or “pussy empowerment” blog, rube that I am.

Soliciting me to write an article for you which, if it is good enough to be selected out of the other submissions, will be read aloud at some meeting I have also never heard of and posted to your blog/newsletter/e-zine is not going to make me jump for joy at the golden opportunity.  Noting that any article thus submitted will become your intellectual property will, frankly, make me laugh at you.

True story.  The person described above also noted that I was a writer, and they were happily anticipating much better work than the examples they normally received.  I like to think that would likely have been true, but it probably ought to be pointed out that when you get something professional one ought to expect it will require compensation correspondingly higher than that acceptable to amateurs.

Sheesh.  Do you think they realize they’ve turned themselves into those hobbyists who want a discount because they’re nice old retirees on a fixed income/are broke until payday/are kindly offering the new girl a great review from a “famous” hobbyist in exchange for the appointment?  

There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.

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  1. You’re lucky. I never get stuff like that on my blog. LOL

  2. Yup, they come in all forms; with the end result (directly or indirectly) being to get something for nothing…


  3. Well shit, I feel like an ass now for asking you.. but at least you’ve heard of me 🙂

    • LOL! Sweets, you didn’t ask until this morning and I wrote this blog yesterday, so I swear this wasn’t aimed at you. Besides, you aren’t a stranger asking me to write for free and staking copyright claims to whatever I produce. You asked me to do it out out of friendship, and THAT I will certainly do.

  4. wow..and i read between the lines..

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