I like blogging.  It has this “dear diary” feel to it (though I was never one for keeping a diary so go figure).  It’s recently come to my attention that people are actually READING my blog.  On the one hand, go me!  Gives me that warm fuzzy somewhere around the liver region.  To the left, it kind of sucks beause when I thought no one was reading this thing except Brandy and Greyhound I felt free to say any damned thing that came to mind.

So, I gave it some thought and decided that y’all can deal.  The whole point of  a blog is telling people what you actually feel.  Someone will inevitably find something I write objectionable.  Might feel that when I poke fun at people who are annoying me that I’m slandering them personally.  If you’re actually the type who needs to be told not to eat your shoelaces and don’t piss on the living room carpet, you might have a point (and we won’t be seeing each other anyways, so the point would be moot).  Everyone else, well, sometimes you’ll get on my nerves.  And vice versa.  All I ask is that we treat each other like real people,. who sometimes don’t always agree or say something annoying and yet manage to not gnaw each others faces off. 

There’s this guy, who will remain nameless, who asked me to do an outcall to Town Outside Of Corpus.  Which is fine by me, always looking to accommodate and it wasn’t all THAT far (by my reckoning).  After he passes screening, it turns out that he wants a half hour, which I don’t offer, and perhaps it can be extended to a whole hour if we click.  Oookay, fine, I can accommodate that too.  Let’s not be uppity and whatnot.

The first appointment falls through, so we try to reschedule.  He asks that I send him via text (aka in writing) the donations for both half and full hour again.  Oookay, not really thrilled with putting this in writing when I have handy ads for that sort of thing, but we’ll go with it.

And after offering all this – travelling to his town, doing a half hour when I don’t generally offer such, putting donations in texts – he needs to think about it.

Yeah.  You and me both, sweet cheeks.

I have a new toy.  (Not that sort, you dirty, DIRTY people.)  It’s a barbecue grill.  I love this thing!  I’ve been throwing everything on the grill ever since I got it.  Yesterday I marinated chicken in beer, worchertsershireshustrshire sauce and salt and then grilled it.  IT WAS GLORIOUS.  Worth the mosquito bites.  I’m going to try smoking next.

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  1. If guys are newbies and aren’t ready to meet a provider, they should try out massage parlors first rather than waste the time of legitimate providers.

    The gas grill is right up there with Kleenex, the laptop, and Viagra as great inventions. Try some dryrubbed baby back ribs. They aren’t healthy but they are good. Grilled avocado (drizzle them with a little olive oil) and grilled eggplant are good too. Emeril made some ribs with a stovetop smoker this week. Those looked really good too. I’ve got a Weber Genesis 3 and I’m thinking about upgrading.

    • “Not healthy” has rarely stopped me. The contents of my fridge at this very second include shrimp salad, about a pound of beef marinating in salisbury sauce, chicken marinating in beer, real cream and two wedges of parmesan. In my defense, there is also bottled water and fresh romaine hearts.

      I’ve finally realized that, now that thirtieth birthday passed me by, I’ll never win the battle to get back below 110 unless I join a gym or – blech – learn to live without lovely things such as mayo, cream and good cheeses. Siiiiigh.

    • Massage Parlors? In Corpus?

  2. Em,

    It’s my opinion an outdoor grill isn’t the best choice for “Grilled Cheese” sandwitches.
    But if whatever you plan to smoke leads you in that direction, well WTH.

    • Actually, I’m waiting for the local corn to ripen because I want to try grilling fresh corn on the cob. And now that you mention it, I could probably do a decent sammich if I used a sturdy bread. I’ve seen where you can wrap a brick in foil and use it to make Cubans on the grill.

      Sigh. This is why I’ll never be a hardbody. I like food and cooking too much.

      • I do corn on the grill all the time. I love it so much I hardly do it otherwise anymore. Simply soak it completely in water for 20-30 mins beforehand while still in husk, then take it straight to the grill and turn every 15-20 mins. Toes about 45 mins to an hour but lordy lordy is it good eats! The husk will be fairly burned but the inner layers should remain greenish. I don’t usually even put butter on it. Husk it nd eat it right there. Mmm mmm good. I thinly I know whats for dinner at my place tonight!

  3. I feel the same about my blog, it’s weird. I am even more free with my twitters (I can’t believe that I am twittering). I just let my stream of consciousness flow, it gets weird.

    I have been stood up by three providers over and over for the last three weeks. I understand how you feel. I will drive to the area, call and text into a black hole then end up driving home after wasting hours. Then I get a text the next day apologizing and setting up a new time. One girl even thought I was LE…HA…well better safe than sorry.

    • I feel you. The VAST majority of the people I deal with here in Corpus are great – considerate, clean, just want to have a little fun. IMO, we’ve got a great market. There’s always that small fraction that you want to just smack though.

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