What a day!

Yesterday was damned near a perfect day, with only one exception.

A fellow had asked to see me, noting that he wouldn’t be available from 9-5 due to work.  I let him know that I’d make sure to be available for him after that, and he said he’d give me a call.

So I’m out at the Den of Iniquity for the lunch thing, hanging out with a couple of hobbyists and TXBrandy.  We’re enjoying the steak, bullshitting about this-n-that, at one point both men are wearing Brandy’s bra on their heads (long story) and I proved that white girls can indeed bounce their asses.  A text comes in about 3:30 from the fellow who wanted to see me after work – he’s getting off early and wants to see me straight away.  I say sure.  He calls after a bit and wants to meet in half an hour/forty-five minutes. 

I’m driving Brandy and there isn’t time to get her back to her house, so I give her the keys and a $20 once she drops me off and we agree that she’ll go amuse herself for a bit, I’ll call her when I’m done working.  Quick!  Fix the hair, make sure the makeup is just so, freshen up, brush teeth with a few minutes to spare before he’s due to show.

And then I get this text.  “Well.  There is a cop at the entrance.  I prefer to pass…”

I light straight for the entrance.  No cop.  Call Brandy, and she’s still in the parking lot.  She saw no cop.

Not fucking funny and I told him so.  Screw him, we head back to the Den of Iniquity.  I get another drink, have two lap dances (and gave one, whooo!) to a stripper named Diamond, and a hobbyist does his damndest to convince the girl to do a double with me.  We hie ourselves off to the smoking patio and I get another text. 

“Ok, I’m here.  #?”

Sometimes it just makes you despair, it really does.

Other than this brief interlude, a perfect day.  An early morning appointment with one of the funniest men I’ve met in ages.  Wrestled, laughed until I cried, sang the theme song to the Dukes of Hazzard.  My hair was fluffed out six inches off my head – he’s a hair-grabber.  (Not a hair-puller, a hair-grabber.  So hot.)  Picked up Brandy, the steak was tender and the strippers cute, hours of great conversation with fun people, and then we all went elsewhere and had some truly fantastic onion rings, salad and (more) steak.  (I am a carnivore.)

Good times, y’all.  Good times.

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  1. I had a day similar to that not long ago. Those really good days are few and far between, so it’s good to savor them when they happen.

    • I’m getting too old for that much fun. Used to be, I would have headed home for another shower and a fresh shirt then turned right around and gone out to play pool.

      Ah, the joys of turning thirty.

  2. It was a day to remember. Been too long since I’ve had a relaxing, shoot the shit, drink a beer, and laugh my ass off kinda day. We need to do that once a week at least.

  3. Sorry I missed it! However I’m sure y’all appreciate me not spreading my death-flu around. I’m there next time for sure!

    • Yes! You keep your death-flu over THERE, buddy! *hisses* (Hope you are feeling better. Being sick sucks.)

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