The $64,000 question

What the hell would one call this?  I’ve always wondered.

I’m shaved, but not totally shaved.  Just this thin little line kept short.  Not enough to call it a Hitler mustache, or a landing strip, or whatever you crazy kids are calling it these days.  I don’t like that totally shaved look – bit pre-pubescent for my tastes.  Bit icky.  So there’s just enough to, like, prove that I can, if I wanted to, grow the kittyfur out. 

So what’s that called?  A U-turn?  Fringe?  Clark Gable’s mustache?

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  1. I would call it hot as hell! I love a little nose tickler. I also like clean shaved. Not a huge fan of the full strip or the triangle. A V cut can look awesome on the right pussy.
    Maybe call it a soul patch? I like that better then the facial hair soul patch or “douch tab” as I call it.

    • “Douche tab”. I’ll have to remember that one.

      Maybe that’s what I’ll call it. The nose tickler.

  2. I call it the “Treasure Trail”

  3. I’d simply call it “perfect”

    • You, sir, need to stop being so nice to me. I already talk you up so much everyone’s going to think I’m jacking off to your voicemails.

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