I learned that I can be wrong.  I’ve learned this before, but it’s good for me to have the lesson brought home periodically.  Builds character.  It was a lovely time, C; a bit startling at one point, but at all points lovely.  I forgot to give you that nickel, please do not report me to the mods.

As Chevalier has mentioned in his most excellent blog (highly recommended – I have almost stopped twitching from his long absence) Brandy has started up a hobby e-zine.  I’ve already done her an article on BBFS – I’m still not sure if I went over the line from amusingly bossy to bitchy, but she thought it was funny and I’ve already made it clear this is one issue I’ll fight to the bitter end.  My basic stance will come as no surprise, though I hope I got the wording and tone right.

Aaaand I’ve been invited to head a column on basic economics and money management for providers.  I’m freekin’ tickled.  My first column!*

So I’ve been mulling over what to call this column.  My first thought, in the truck with Brandy whilst we were discussing it, was to title it “Why Does THAT Bitch Always Have Money?”  Because there have been ladies whom I knew for a fact – a FACT, bigods – made double or triple my income, and I had more money than they did.  Still.  A bit too long and probably not workable. 

Ideas, my little lovemuffins?

*Yes, I know I just had a bit of a vent on the subject of people asking me to write for free.  This is different.  She’s my bud, one of me bestest pals.  If she takes it into her head to do something, I’ll be right behind her cheerleading and offering whatever I can in the way of support, because that’s what you do for buds.  Even if I didn’t also think she’s got the inherent drive and brilliance to be the only provider with the potential to change the face of the hobby.

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  1. the obvious one is how to handle tax issues, not just the IRS, but also state taxes. As the economy implodes, they’re going to get more and more righteous about getting their “share”.

    Another thought is retirement planning. The blossom only blooms so long and it’s fun while it last, but your 50 year old providers (some of which are just extraordinary) are few and far between.

  2. “Emily’s Easy Escort Economics” 😀

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