I shall try harder

I’ve worked to earn a bit of a reputation.  I’m not the hottest thing out there, I’m not the skinniest or the youngest but, bigods, I try harder.  Reliable.  On time.  Security conscious.  Good (and, hopefully, great and perhaps even fan-fucking-tastic) customer service.  Not a 19 year old blond with washboard abs but TCB for f’ing days and never with the drama.

I’ve really rather failed, just a bit, in answering emails/PMs and being an organized screener the last month.  Since service and TCB is where I excel, there really is no excuse for this.  I can only apologise. 

There was a family issue out of state.  It was quite serious.  This is no excuse and I’m not presenting it as such.  It’s merely the reason.  I have not been myself lately.  There are some of you who I throw myself on your mercy, with sincere apologies for not being as professional as you had a right to expect in regards to getting screening done quickly and efficiently.

Again, my apologies.  I shall try harder.

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