Once more, with feeling!

I’m going to mention this one last time.

A lot of fellows have cottoned on to the benefits of Brandy’s new written referencing system and have begun requesting she add them to the WRS.  I can vouch that it’s incredibly handy and fast as lightning.  I can literally get a gent screened in less than thirty seconds (it’s free, guys, and no personal details offered nor required).  I know how fast it goes because this week, I fully screened a guy for the first time with nothing more than the WRS.  And, dude, I’m a hardass about screening.

However, I gave my word previously that I won’t add you without your say-so.  (Unless you’re an asshole who needs an alert, in which case you can suck my what?)

Call me, email, text, PM if you have changed your mind and want me to add you to the WRS.  I can absolutely promise I’ll write up the same reference I’d give a gal over the phone, with no personal details (kind of moot, because y’all know already I don’t need them and never pay them any mind anyhow).

Screening in a couple of mouse clicks, for free, nothing needed but your say-so.  Guys, it doesn’t get any better.

Just sayin’.

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  1. YEA! What she said 🙂

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