I don’t do discounts.

Way back when I only logged into the boards rarely, I still read the Ladies’ section pretty thoroughly when I did log in.  For any number of the ladies it was considered a truism that if you wanted more business and, incidentally, fewer weirdos, raise your rates.

Seems counter-intuitive, yeah?  It works though. 

My Papa once told me when I was little that people need to keep their eyes wide open when dating and half-shut after they’re married.  I adapted that as my business plan (that, and “It’s worth what you paid”, i.e., people ascribe value correlating to exactly how much they paid to get it – interesting theory we tested in a college class and it’s true, when offered the same two steaks, one for $5 and one for $30, the expensive one was considered every time to be tastier, more tender, better prepared…)  So I’m a total hardass with high expectations in regards to what you gents post on the forums, the emails and PMs I get, screen like a m’f’er, how you acted at the social, phone etiquette – everything.  Once the door opens I morph into Igor, following you around saying, “Yeth, marthter, huh huh huh hurrrrr.  Whatever marthter wantth, marthter getth, and no mithtake.”

Anyway, I’ve got a point here. 

Low dollar appointments mean more shmucks.  You also don’t actually make any more money.  I know there’s a great deal of theory that the less you charge, the more appointments you’ll get and you’ll wind up with more profit in the end.  (The “quick sixpence versus the slow two bits” economic theory.)  Nope.  Other gals have already reported that they make in a week an equal or usually significantly less amount than I do, and I see fewer gents.

And I don’t like to see shmucks.  They take advantage of the Igor side of my personality.

One time, I offered a discount.  If you had ever had an appointment with me before, or if you brought a small gift, so-on-so-forth donation instead of the usual.

I did the exact same number of appointments that week as I usually do.  Wasn’t even the high side of normal – nope, just the normal number.

Not a single fellow had seen me before or brought a gift, and yet every one of them refused to pay the usual donation.  The discounted donation only.

Ergo, I’ve never done a discount since.  That was pretty much all I needed to see to confirm the girls were right about raising rates and no discounts.

(We’re getting there, be patient.)

Six weeks ago, when I was just coming back onto the market, I had several thousand in savings and a few gold and oil stocks.  Mr X was a good thing, and I took care of the money I made.  Had plans for some physical improvements* and my truck’s running close to the end of it’s shelf life so I was looking around for a decent used Suburban I could put at least 50% down on.

Aaaand then life happened, back home.  Which is why I preach to the gals about having a healthy savings account, because when I needed it, when it was suddenly very damned important that I lay my hands on quite a lot of money, I had the funds. 

I showed up at the social with $11 to my name.  A month later, I’ve got money in savings again, money in checking, bills are all paid and cash in my wallet but I’m one of those people who don’t feel comfortable unless they’ve got a pile of money – or at least a couple months’ expenses – sitting somewhere safe and instantly accessible.  I’m not broke – I just feel broke.

The girls say it’s a non-starter to run specials and discounts, because it just attracts the freaks without bringing in more money.  I tried it one and I pretty much agree.  It’s a sound business theory though. 

The point IS, I’m thinking very seriously about running some insanely deep discount.  One mad week of lots of cheap appointments so my savings account resembles something more to my approval.

Now I’m sure all your fellows are thinking, “YES!  YES, that is a BRILLIANT idea, Emily.  ONCE doesn’t test a theory, THAT IS NOT SCIENTIFIC.  For SCIENCE, Em, you should, er, test the hypothesis.  YES!  Test the hypothesis, that’s it!  How deep a discount are we talking, by the by?”

I’m genuinely soliciting y’alls opinions in this.  Not as hobbyists – set aside the distration of my boobs, guys.  As people, many of whom I have met and liked, what do you think of the notion of one week of mad, insane discounts for the purpose of making a sum I can bank into savings?

Keep in mind that I will probably never do it again.  I’m already cringing at the thought of the hassle this would be.

*I was going to get my ears done.  True story.  Yup.

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  1. Don’t do it. You’re making money now and saving–just be patient and you’ll reach your goal. Besides, I’m going on vacation and I won’t be able to take advantage of the discount. LOL (I wouldn’t be able to anyway since I’m not coming into Corpus for at least a couple of months)

    • So you are wanting to work more and make the same amount? J/K Do what you think you need to do and if it works great, if not don’t do it again….

  2. I’ve had the idea of inventing a new time-and-rate amount, temporarily (you could do something like 80 minutes, or something). This would do the same thing as a “special” except once the time/rate is no longer listed, it is no longer available.

    This would seem to make the guys who have paid for the normal time/rate feel like they’ve not been jipped and everything is clear-er after the special ends.

    Just my thoughts…

  3. The two times I offered discounts it utterly failed to bring me the piles of money I’d anticipated. I saw the same number of clients for the same amounts of time, but I ended up earning less for it. Never again!

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