Stupid news link of the day:  Bureaucrats are Dante’s fourth circle of Hell

My word count has been shot all to pieces since coming back.  Never seem to have the time.  The good news is, see, that since I don’t have any projects on the burner, no one’s going to scream at me if I don’t write.

I’m getting a new hobby phone TODAY.  Bugger this ‘never having enough signal to make calls at my house’ crap.  I’m leaving the old phone on for a few weeks so everyone can still reach me until they’ve learned what the new number is.

Not one person was in favor of me offering a short-term discount to see if it parlayed into a busy, extra-profitable week.  I certainly wasn’t expecting that – I figured I’d get a bunch of emails/PMs saying, “YES, THAT IS AWESOME IDEA.  I call dibs on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.”   Most of them were variations on the theme of “While I’d love a discount, you shouldn’t do it – you’re better than that.”  In there somewhere is a jolly big post pondering why Corpus is so freaking lucky as to escape the “me = meat on the hoof; you – walking ATM” mindset, but I just can’t find it right now.  Still on Coffee Number Two.  I’m (fuzzily) thinking (as it were) it’s got something to do with us being small enough and chummy enough that our second priority is finding time to buy each other a drink.

The Hobby House is now a realized fact.  Wooooo!  Details will probably be forthcoming in the next issue of Brandy’s e-zine.  Dunno, I’m checking with her on that today.

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