Incall bliss

The new incall is ridiculously great.  Tasteful color palette.  Good tile in the dining room and kitchen.  The new couch is FAB-U-LOUS, and Brandy and I scored this great bedding set that is so Marie LeVeaux.  We were puttering around in it, me muttering under my breath, “SO stoked.  This place rocks.  AWESOME.  So STOKED.”

A rather wonderful person treated Brandy and I to a random at of kindness.  It wasn’t expected, and he’s been moved to the top of our People Who Are Awesome list.  Plus, the company was lots of fun.

In other news, I love Terry Pratchett.

All together, these told the brain of anything monkey-shaped that movement meant death.  And that stillness, while it also meant death, didn’t mean immediate, this actual second, death, and was therefore the smart-monkey option.

Anyone who can write like that, and name a character Moist (even better, get away with it) earns my undying admiration.  One of my medium-term goals is to collect every Discworld book; I say medium, because Half-Price Books has a perpetual shortage of his stuff and I am too cheap to buy them retail.

I say this because, while I’ve always used words like “bugger”, if you see much more British idiom than normal it’s due to reading a lot of his stuff.  “Night Watch” is currently my favorite.

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  1. Discworld rocks. I love von Lipwig.

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