Blather, blather, blather

I cooked the first meal in the new incall.  Made lunch for Brandy and myself: shaved beef with garlic, caesar salads. 

Reasons Why Cooking Is An Underrated Skill

Once you know what you’re doing, it is

– cheaper than McDonald’s

– faster than McDonald’s

– healthier than McDonald’s

– tastes like real f’ing FOOD and not cardboard “parts is parts” crap slathered in MSG but don’t salt the damned fries because OMG SALT IS BAD 

I’ve never been a fan of fast food.  Doesn’t make sense to spend $8 on a bad burger and soggy fries that some kid got the order wrong anyhow and forgot to give you napkins, when $8 would buy a decent steak at the HEB.  Heck, for $8 I could do up some very nice shrimp skewers which would grill up in two minutes.

I think Brandy’s been getting a lot of amusement off what a total cheapskate I am.  Once I’ve got hold of a dollar, bigod, it’s a prisoner.  I only spend money on things that are of good quality and that I actually need.  She found a coffee table that’s solidly built and I’m going to refinish it, rather than get something much spendier. 

FYI – I don’t do social networking sites.  So if you see some Emily Hemingway on MySpace or Twitter or Facebook, I guarantee it isn’t me.

Speaking of Facebook, I propose a new drinking game.  Find one of those unemployment articles in the news, the type that tells the life story of some lawyer or whomever who was making 80k in 2008 and now that their 99 weeks of funemployment is running out they’re on the verge of being homeless, they’re on food stamps and a church is paying the light bill.  Then look them up on Facebook.  If they took a vacation in the last six months – shot!  If you see the words “posted from my mobile phone” – shot!  If they show pictures of themselves playing the latest video games – shot!

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