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I still haven’t figured out what to call that column I’m doing for Brandy’s newsletter.  What do y’all think of “Emily Does Economics”?  Is that a clever wordplay, or merely stupid?  Might turn out like my blog title – I’m the only one who gets it and I think it’s funny as hell, and also proof what a bred-in-the-bone dork I am.

Tossing around topics for the next column – first already sent off ages ago.  Elastic vs inelastic demand (and the puns just write themselves on that one, yessir).  What to do with your money during inflation.  Speaking of that one, there’s a very nice article kicking around my hindbrain about stagflation and how it resembles today’s hobby economy from the provider side but I probably ought to do something on inflation first or it won’t make any sense.  And I’m also thinking maybe I ought to keep the first few to the essentials of money-management – (basic budgeting) – before I get any deeper on the issue of actually understanding money and markets.


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  1. Thanks for the info great page

  2. The first is just around the corner missy! Right now in the rough draft I have it titled “Emily’s Escort Economics”

  3. OK, I think I have the perfect title for your column.
    Ready,…what for it…

    E=em 2 (squared)


    1) It’s an E- Newsletter

    2) It’s math / based on economics

    3) em is short for…EMILY!!!

    4) Squared – the blog (or newsletter) is your other writing project.


    xo Hanna

    • Why can’t I think of shit like that?

      That’s why they pay you the big bucks. You rock.

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