You know what I want?

It’s like fucking magic or something.  Every guy’s dream.  I’m sitting at my incall and I’m horny as hell.

I keep telling people, I’m vanilla.  Reeeealy vanilla.  I will not be the lady to call at 3Amwhen you want to slather someone in yoghurt while wearing your wife’s fishnets.

I just like to get laid.  Often.  I’ve got the libido of a 20 year old guy.  48 hours – I start to bitch.

It’s been five days.  DUDE.  For perspective, at two weeks my civvie friends start making jokes about finding me up in clock towers – which would never happen because by one week, I’m out at the bar looking for someone drunk and stupid who won’t notice I’m not giving him my phone number.


ISO – Clean, respectful, punctual.  Must like cowgirl, being lathered up in the shower, DATY and BBBJ.  Good conversationalist.  Willing to rub my calves/lower back (both would be favorite – new cardio program) and spoon me for at least ten minutes after while I grab ass and talk a lot.

Anyone I already know meet the above – one bill.  I’ll be here until ten.

I think this is what they call a win-win.  I f’ing hate masturbating.  It’s not even remotely the same.

ETA: And because I know you guys gossip like old biddy hens – my bills are paid and I’m sitting on money after the fact.  Brandy can confirm it.  I paid up the incall today, and that was the last on the list.  Hyah!

Son of ETA: I’m thinking, and it might be four days.  I can remember C vividly, just not if it was a Monday or Tuesday.  I don’t write things down.  Tuesday?  Yeah, might have been Tuesday.  Anyhow, it’s been a while.  Too f’ing long.

Grandson of ETA:  Aaaaand now my phone is dead.  Fukkitall.  Siiiigh.

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  1. And I don’t get this ’till THIS morning! WTF, use the phone darlin’.

  2. Will the shower really work this time ?

  3. First time in my life I’ve wished I lived in Corpus!

  4. That is funny as hell…I am your perfect man!

    The only thing you missed is, “can fuck for hours” and the fact that I love to take control….especially at the end…I love it.

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