ANGRY music

Brandy finds me terribly amusing.  Now that I think on it, it probably is quite funny to see some redheaded midget shrieking incoherently and banging the keyboard in rage.  While playing music very, very loudly.

So.  My current collection of music to play at top volume while pissed as all hell.

Static-x – Love Dump

Powerman5000 – Bombshell

Papa roach -Last Resort

Pantera – Walk


Slipknot – Psychosocial

Slipknot – Duality

Denis Leary – I’m an Asshole

All of which, with the exception of Leary, I used to dance to when I was a stripper.**  And that probably says a great deal about my stage show.

** No, I was not an angry stripper.  I was actually the quiet type that no one tended to notice, except to note that she was never available because she was always off doing dances JUST when you wanted her.  And then I’d hit the stage and Quiet Stripper would morph into Rough “What, You Coming To MY Stage, Bitch?” Stripper, and you’d get a faceful of kitty and ass.  Hey, *I* was amused by it and that was all that mattered.  I never realized what an attention-whore I was until I began stripping.

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  1. Just a suggestion :

    L7 – Shitlist

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