Feel free to laugh at me.

I laugh at me, regular, so everyone else ought to have a crack at it too, yeah?

I started writing a book.  No, you can’t see it.  I’ve done this before, and when/if it turns out to be crap then only my absolute nearest and dearest will snicker the next time I mention apsirations to the title “novelist”.  Actually, this is the longest I’ve gone with sticking to straight press and leaving the fiction alone.  The last attempt was rather depressing – got 80% through before admitting the plot was complete crap, and finishing it only to find out what happened.

I think it was Mark Twain who said you have to write a million words of crap before you can write one word fit for public consumption.  If we’re counting the freelancing, I hit my million words recently, so maybe this will work out.  We’ll see.

Also, I got stung by a scorpion.  I was buttoning my jeans and thought I’d snagged my finger on a burr, looked….  F’ing Texas.   I freaked out, called a friend and asked how poisonous the damned things are, I mean, did I need to go to the hospital?  (What?  Shut up, I’m not from Texas, I don’t know these things, I can hear you laughing at me from here, Bill.)  Turns out I’ve had worse ant bites.  Didn’t even swell, just stung for a few minutes.

I meant to write more, people have been asking why I wasn’t updating, but none of it sounds all that interesting anymore and I’ve got a pirated copy of A-Team calling my name.

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