So frustrated.

I’ve got more than $1500 sitting in my inbox, and I can’t do anything about it.  The problem?  I can’t get any of them past screening.  Two reasons on that.

1.  Half of them are using the same provider as a reference.  I’ve called her several times, left messages.  She needed a reference from me, so I sent it to her in a PM and asked her for references on the guys who’ve been waiting (one of them for about two weeks), and also to ask if she was okay.  She has yet to get back to me by any means.  She’s never done this before so I was beginning to get rather worried about her.  A fellow let me know he’d seen her last week and she seemed okay, so at least she’s not deathly sick or in jail.  Still, now that I know she’s probably fine I’d like the references. 

2.  Gusy keep sending me ancient references.  As in, so old that not only does the gal say she can’t recall which appointment he was and whether he behaved, but that she doesn’t even remember hearing about him.  Like, years old.  Is this the new trend?  (And if you’re one of the gents waiting and wonder if I mean you, if you sent me a reference from a gal you saw four years ago then yes, I meant you.  If not, then I didn’t.  I’m sorry, I just can’t do much with a reference that old.  None of them even recalled hearing your handle(s) before.  Plural because there was more than one guy like that)

I asked the guys waiting on that one gal to please contact her to let her know he would like her to reach me for screening.  I feel like a heel for keeping them waiting so long, but I’m not sure what else to do about it.  Except stop screening, and that’s not gonna happen.


In other news, yesterday’s word count was 1293.  A productive day.  And now I’m going to get my housework done and write some more.  Wish me luck that referencing goes better this week.

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  1. I tried. I built it but only a few came. You can lead the community to the board but you can’t make them post. Would have been great for times like these.

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