Corpus Christi Appreciation Month

I did a special once.  I think the word I’m looking for is “fiasco”.  Didn’t like it at all.  It didn’t attractive a single new repeat customer (and in fact only attracted a bunch of yahoos) and I vowed never to do them again.

But! Someone here recently mentioned that not a lot of ladies arrange their donation tier to reward regulars.  This is true.  I tried that once, waaay back when I lived in SA, and it was a complete non-starter so I gave the idea up.  Still, it’s a good idea.  I know you gents must have noticed I arrange my rates so that you are rewarded for scheduling bigger blocks of time, and I do that because it’s a good marketer that works and lots of time fits my style.  Same basic concept.

I’m going to try it again, just to see how well everyone likes it.  This time, the special offers are only for the guys I already know.  You’ve been through screening, we’ve had some giggles… you’ve earned it.

Look for the details here.

Any questions, send me a message.  Some of the particulars, you will notice, are retroactive to August. A lot of the requirements extend back to forever.  Like I said, you guys are a great market and I think you’ve earned it.

If this turns out to be well-received, I will probably extend it.  The drawing, for example, I’m thinking might be good for an every other month style of thing.  I’m probably going to offer the special 60 minute rate for people I’ve seen more than once again, perhaps every three months.  Give me feedback, guys!  Let me know what you enjoy, and I’ll find a way to tailor the feedback into my rate schedules.

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