Stupid tropical storm

Well, this shoots my plans all to hell.  I built a bunch of raised beds in the garden last week, and I have tomato and bell pepper seedlings, and a ton of herbs, waiting in the carport to be transplanted.  I was busy on Saturday and yesterday I spent all day doing inside chores, so today was the big day for working outside.  I wake up – tropical storm.  Lovely.

I’m really kind of stoked about the whole fall garden notion.  Where I come from, a “fall garden” is laughable.  My papa will be putting his garden to bed for the winter next month (he doesn’t do onions or garlic).  And yet I’ve been told that way down here, there’s time to get another garden in before a killing freeze hits.  All you have to do is replant the whole thing in late August or early September.  Nice.  I consider this to be an experiment, as I have no experience with planting this late in the year, so we’ll see how it works.  If I get tomatoes, wonderful.  If I don’t, well, I’ll try again next year a couple of weeks earlier.

So instead I’m out at the incall to do chores.  Wash the dishes, write a couple of articles for Brandy’s newsletter.  I left the econ article late last issue, finally turned it in at almost midnight the night before she published.  This issue I’m going to get it all done well in advance.

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