I am about to lose my mind

I’m stuttering, I am so upset right now.  I’d be a great deal more upset if it weren’t for Brandy, the voice of calm reason, telling me to take a deep breath, maybe it’s all a big mistake, someone will go to bat on this, everyone knows that’s not kosher pickle.

It seems, in violation of the eleventy-billion times I’ve stated I don’t allow it, someone has posted a picture of me on Eccie.

ETA: And that’s what Emily looks like when she’s having hysterics.  (You should pity Brandy.  She had to listen to me cry because it appeared someone posted an unasked-for picture.)

I’ve been emailing with a modly personage, who has performed a diligent search in every nook and cranny of the site.  I also called out the calvary, and had a few volunteers to hunt for a pic claimed to be of me.  There isn’t one – if there is, it’s eluding the best efforts of several people to find, which is doubtful.

So the little twat is either a moron or a liar.  Neat!

Guys, I fear this more than getting popped.  It’s more likely, for one, and will do equivalent damage.  I know most of you can’t fathom the thought of taking a lady’s picture without her permission or knowledge out at a hobby function in public.  You guys don’t read my inbox though.  It’s full of people who don’t listen at all, and whose motto collectively appears to be “better to ask forgiveness than permission”.  It was only a couple of socials ago I talked to someone about how nervous I was that someone would snap my picture at a social, figuring the bragging rights would be worth more than whatever trouble they got into.

The definitive word:   There are no pictures.  If someone claims to have a picture, they are either lying or took it at a hobby function and I’ll have their head with a side of gravy.  Go to a social if you want to see me in person, or make an appointment.

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  1. Check your email.

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