Mary, Mary, quite contrary

My garden’s gonna die.  The tomatoes, anyway.  Most of mine have transplant shock, which I was expecting and is par for the course, but it won’t stop RAINING.  I think it’s rained every day but two since I put them out in the beds.  Raised beds have excellent drainage but there are limits.  If the next three days are strong and sunny, I might lose less than half.  If it keeps raining, I might lose them all.

And, you know, the peppers aren’t too happy either but I expect they’ll pull through.  Next year I think I’ll be planting at least a week earlier.  I don’t know if I can get more tomato seedlings this time of year and it might be too much to expect that there’s time to start from seed all over again.  Might give it a try though.  Not exactly as if I’ll be out a ton of money, just some seed and time. 

Movies I Have Seen Lately –

Twilight: Eclipse – I dunno, *I* thought it was hysterical.  Mostly didn’t mean to be, but you’ve got to love a movie that spoofs itself.  I laughed so hard through much of it, and had a grand old time throwing popcorn at the screen and shouting, “Pussy! Buy some Midol!  Here’s comes Jealous Bitch Bloodsucker in three… two… one… I CALLED IT!  Yeah, Team Jacob!”  The girl is the most manipulative cock-tease to hit the screen since Scarlett O’Hara.    A whiny emo vampire who needs to wash his damned hair isn’t my idea of sexy romantic figure, but obviously I am in the minority there.  Jacob probably needs to put on a shirt and learn to act, and if one of the many times he held Whatsername in front of her vampire boyfriend, he had thrown a smirk over her shoulder, it would have been priceless.  Was that one vampire Dakota Fanning?  It looked like Dakota Fanning and she was about the only one in the whole movie who could act.  They should have given her more screen time.  And a better script. 

Yeah, I’m looking forward to the next one.  Funny is funny, and it counts even when they didn’t mean to be.

My Best Friend’s Girl – This was cute.  Dane Cook is always good.  Not usually a chick-flick type but this was way better than some 27 Dresses or Sliding Doors.  Alas, unlike his Hunt For Red Oktober co-star Sean Connery, Alec Baldwin does not improve with age and weight.  End of an era.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Lightning Thief – Cuuuuute.  Good mythology.  Loved the cameos (helloooooo, Sean Bean, you’re looking particularly delicious today).  A little gay, but it’s a kids’ movie so they slide on that one.

A-Team – Funny eye candy.  They nailed Murdock, and for such a loving tribute to my favorite character, I promise to watch the inevitable sequel.

Prince of Persia – Actually quite good.  The chick is almost painfully hot, and I never pictured Jake Gyllenhallahhalalalalaal as an action star but he managed to convince me.  He needs to shed the last of his emo-boi acting roots though, because this one scene where he’s looking up at his uncle with big soulful eyes of gayness made me giggle.  I am not entirely sure why the director seemed to think ancient Persians spoke with British accents.

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