I adore socials.  Love them.  A few months back, before Mr X, I never missed a social in CC, SA or Houston.

Now, Lap and El Gato are gone.  They ran our CC socials.

Brandy and I have been assuming someone would, after a week or two, realize that, yes, Virginia, there would be no socials unless one of the guys stepped up to the plate and took on the responsibility of throwing them.


Socials are vital, more so to Corpus than the other cities.  Corpus is a small market.  We do not have a wide variety of girls, and new hobbyists will not enter/stay in the hobby unless they can at least occasionally get a wide variety of girls.  The local ladies need new hobbyists to maintain a decent stable of regulars plus new clientele.  The final part of this equation is – socials are what bring traveling girls to Corpus, providing variety.

Ergo, without socials we die on the vine.

Brandy and I are seriously considering taking over the CC socials.  Someone has to, else we stagnate and the local market suffers.  If the guys won’t step up, one of the girls has to.  Brandy and I have been throwing little hobby parties once a month at our incall – just for a few select friends we know well, lunch and conversation style of thing – so the mechanics of a hobby party aren’t foreign.  Just the scale.


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There’s always one…

For example, someone such as Emily would probably not do as well in Dallas or Houston over an extended period of time at her current rates, but she can get away with it in CC because there is simply no competition (and she does not post photos). At any rate, there are myriad variables to consider here, and the definitive answer to getting more appointments is most unlikely to be “raise your rates”. Without solid statistics and candid, transparent peer review, the easiest person to fool is yourself.

Not that he sounds bitter.  What, did he not make it past screening? What is WITH the guys who see a gal who is successful, confident, and knows it, that makes them feel they have to slap an uppity bitch back into place to assert the natural order of things.


It never fails to astonish, the number of message board posters who think they fuck a few girls for money and – poof!  Instant experts on the business end of hobbying.

TraderMac raised a great point (he usually does) in asking if the discussions get skewed by only a few guys participating in the threads.  Good catch, that was.  You guys are almost never privy to the entire hobby picture.  You read a thread that, for example, has three pages and the guys pretty much agree, and this gives the impression that “this is how it is – this is how the guys think”.

Actually, it was just those few guys who agreed.  Maybe that’s a fair number on a thread in the Corpus forum… but it’s still just a few guys.

Posters on these boards make up only a fraction of our business.  More than half of my clientele don’t even have a membership on any of these boards.  What a few guys say on a message board isn’t even close to being representative of the hobby, let alone the male half of the hobby.

I see more than you do.  I meet more people through the hobby than you guys meet.  I’m in the business end.  People, I know more about how my job works than you do.  Please stop making me find polite ways to point this out, especially when you’ve never done my job.  It’s just ridiculous.

All in all, though, I thought the discussion went fairly well.  This is Corpus, after all, and our city forum is better behaved than the others.  A thread on pricing in Austin or Dallas would have gone critical in just a few posts.


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I’ll be out of town this week.  If I don’t answer your email, PM, text, what have you, that’s why.

I’ll clear everyone who is waiting for screening at the moment, or try to, before I catch my flight.

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Cracked head gasket.


Shopping for new car tomorrow.  I hate making payments.  My truck was paid off – it was older and almost always in need of a good wash, but one of my favorite phrases in the English language is PAID IN FULL.


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What a month.  I need a vacation.  Brandy’s been even busier, and I’ve been helping her answer the phones.  Okay, well, “answer” isn’t exactly the right word because I’m hopelessly incompetent with technology and she’s got this new swish phone.  Which I can’t figure out how to answer.  So I just wait until the voicemail comes through and return the call.  Ha!  All my phone does is make calls.

I’ll get a fancy phone as soon as they make one that does the dishes.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  So.  Are YOU aware of breast cancer?

I’m exhausted.  I was on outcall on the far end of Corpus until late and didn’t get home until almost 1:30AM.  Slept in until 9, which is liek whoa laaaazy for me.  Went to the bank, got some breakfast, headed to the incall.  Slurping down my second cuppa right now, and almost feel human again. (Reiterating my profound appreciation for the special coffee blend, F.)

Y’all remember Dipshit McTwat?  I got a message from him earlier.  He’s found two references (or so he says, he’s faked them before on two occasions that I know of).   Aha, it is to laugh.  I sent this in response:

After months of you calling from blocked numbers, using me as a reference, giving me a fake reference, not even if you paid me triple.

He’ll doubtless call to whine at me later.  And it will probably be from a blocked number.

I’ll be unavailable (unreachable, even) for most of next week.

We’ll miss you, Gato.  Damn, Corpus isn’t going to be the same with Lap and Jefe gone.

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