What a month.  I need a vacation.  Brandy’s been even busier, and I’ve been helping her answer the phones.  Okay, well, “answer” isn’t exactly the right word because I’m hopelessly incompetent with technology and she’s got this new swish phone.  Which I can’t figure out how to answer.  So I just wait until the voicemail comes through and return the call.  Ha!  All my phone does is make calls.

I’ll get a fancy phone as soon as they make one that does the dishes.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  So.  Are YOU aware of breast cancer?

I’m exhausted.  I was on outcall on the far end of Corpus until late and didn’t get home until almost 1:30AM.  Slept in until 9, which is liek whoa laaaazy for me.  Went to the bank, got some breakfast, headed to the incall.  Slurping down my second cuppa right now, and almost feel human again. (Reiterating my profound appreciation for the special coffee blend, F.)

Y’all remember Dipshit McTwat?  I got a message from him earlier.  He’s found two references (or so he says, he’s faked them before on two occasions that I know of).   Aha, it is to laugh.  I sent this in response:

After months of you calling from blocked numbers, using me as a reference, giving me a fake reference, not even if you paid me triple.

He’ll doubtless call to whine at me later.  And it will probably be from a blocked number.

I’ll be unavailable (unreachable, even) for most of next week.

We’ll miss you, Gato.  Damn, Corpus isn’t going to be the same with Lap and Jefe gone.

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