Cracked head gasket.


Shopping for new car tomorrow.  I hate making payments.  My truck was paid off – it was older and almost always in need of a good wash, but one of my favorite phrases in the English language is PAID IN FULL.


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  1. that’s rough. I’d get a second opinion, though. Yer right, paid in full are three of the best words in the
    English language.

    • I parked it at a friend’s house until I decide what to do with it. I was thinking just sell it cheap on CL (first $500 takes it, as is) but I know one of those Odelay Vatos who do work for parts, a little cash and a case of beer.

      I found a few ugly, great-running Suburbans for around $2-4k. I’m driving a car I borrowed from a friend’s son, and I’m thinking maybe I’ll just rent this from him for 2-3 weeks, save money and pay cash for a big ugly Suburban.

      I love Suburbans. They’re terrible on the mpg, but they’re huge, solid, can haul passengers/cargo/trailers (AT THE SAME TIME), they almost never need repairs until 250k miles and the repairs are cheap. You practically have to take a shotgun to the block to kill them.

  2. I thought I had this, ended up it was just a coolant plug.

    Dave Ramsey has a plan for never having another car payment! Good luck!

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