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For example, someone such as Emily would probably not do as well in Dallas or Houston over an extended period of time at her current rates, but she can get away with it in CC because there is simply no competition (and she does not post photos). At any rate, there are myriad variables to consider here, and the definitive answer to getting more appointments is most unlikely to be “raise your rates”. Without solid statistics and candid, transparent peer review, the easiest person to fool is yourself.

Not that he sounds bitter.  What, did he not make it past screening? What is WITH the guys who see a gal who is successful, confident, and knows it, that makes them feel they have to slap an uppity bitch back into place to assert the natural order of things.


It never fails to astonish, the number of message board posters who think they fuck a few girls for money and – poof!  Instant experts on the business end of hobbying.

TraderMac raised a great point (he usually does) in asking if the discussions get skewed by only a few guys participating in the threads.  Good catch, that was.  You guys are almost never privy to the entire hobby picture.  You read a thread that, for example, has three pages and the guys pretty much agree, and this gives the impression that “this is how it is – this is how the guys think”.

Actually, it was just those few guys who agreed.  Maybe that’s a fair number on a thread in the Corpus forum… but it’s still just a few guys.

Posters on these boards make up only a fraction of our business.  More than half of my clientele don’t even have a membership on any of these boards.  What a few guys say on a message board isn’t even close to being representative of the hobby, let alone the male half of the hobby.

I see more than you do.  I meet more people through the hobby than you guys meet.  I’m in the business end.  People, I know more about how my job works than you do.  Please stop making me find polite ways to point this out, especially when you’ve never done my job.  It’s just ridiculous.

All in all, though, I thought the discussion went fairly well.  This is Corpus, after all, and our city forum is better behaved than the others.  A thread on pricing in Austin or Dallas would have gone critical in just a few posts.


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  1. It never fails to astonish, the number of message board posters who think they fuck a few girls for money and – poof! Instant experts on the business end of hobbying.

    You may be misdiagnosing. Yes, sometimes it’s arrogant condescension — offering the benefit of their years of business experience (in totally different businesses) to you purty little things who can’t be expected to understand business.

    But sometimes . . . it’s not what guys think they know about how P4P works; it’s about how guys wish it worked. After all, their advice is almost always something that — surprise! — primarily benefits the customer. 🙂 Some of us may be Machiavellian rather than clueless. Say it enough times and some of the ladies will believe it.

    (Hopefully when I indulged in the past, it was expressed as speculation rather than certainty. But I’ve tried to quit even that, because you’re right, we don’t understand your business. We’re the customers, but even then we only know how we react to certain scenarios, not how most clients do.)

    • Well, there is the saying that one should never ascribe to malice that which can be as easily explained by stupidity.

      I like to think a good deal of that isn’t even stupidity, but ignorance. Men making guesses on what the business end looks like (usually pulling from personal experience in running their business). Which I don’t have a problem with, so long as they’re willing to concede that the whole world may not operate exactly like their business. I mean, if you sell furniture then you should be able to jump right in and tell your mechanic how to run his business with NO problem, right?

      Deliberate ignorance is a bit petty. I cut slack to the guys, who can’t be expected to know as much about the business end as I do. But if a guy sticks his fingers in his ears and goes LALALALA – instant shut-off of the conversation for me. No sense in continuing with someone who doesn’t want facts to get in the way of their opinion.

      it’s about how guys wish it worked

      And then there’s that.

      • Well, there is the saying that one should never ascribe to malice that which can be as easily explained by stupidity.

        A good rule of thumb for CC; I’m not so sure about the Dallas P4P community, though. 🙂

  2. I can’t stand the message boards. I can say that I did learn a little of how to protect myself, and how the “hobby” works (advice that I soundly ignored and got burned). In most of the posts the men come across as pigs…and I can’t stand the way they talk about women.

    I do like the reviews, only because it lets me know that someone is real (not a cop) and that they are what they say they are (ie pre-baby photos…ugh).

    I think the only business advice I have given to an escort it:

    1. Shit, you should charge more!

    2. You need to get your shit together!

    Oddly enough they were to the same provider, #1 the first time I saw her and #2 around the last time I saw her.

  3. I can’t stand the message boards.

    I hear that a lot from the guys. The coincidental consensus appears to be among these hobbyists who don’t post, and often never bother to register, is that they find the reviews helpful and read the occasional thread, but the cock-swinging posturing of the guys who post a lot is not something they choose to deal with. Some guys I’ve met were openly hostile toward Eccie guys – saying they’re talking trash and being unhelpful and generally running off all the girls they want to get with, thereby interfering with their fun. (In defense of my town, that is usually an opinion held by Dallas and Houston gents who come down to see me.)

    The rest think it’s not secure, having a membership and talking openly about hobby stuff.

    Corpus has a core group of really great guys who post on the boards often. Their intel and advice is spot-on; it’s just a matter of wading through the bullshit to find them.

    The unhelpful bullshit really does hobble a lot of the best information. For example, the current fad with reviews is that they be as porntastic as possible. This means I almost never get reviews, as my strengths are things which aren’t fit for porn. To paraphrase the guys, “They all dogpile unless you write that she was swinging from the chandelier screaming, “Fuck me, fuck me, you wild stallion.” If I wrote, “She really made me feel like I mattered”, they’d say I was gay.”

    So I’m OFTEN in the position of having a fellow leave walking on air, but he can’t review me because he’d be laughed at.

  4. There have been 4? 5? 6? some ridiculous number? of threads regarding ladies’ rates on the ECCIE Dallas Main Discussion forum the past couple of weeks. NONE of them went as civilly as the one you referenced. Kudos to south TX for not descending into slinging insults for four pages of posts.

    But the idea that a higher priced lady won’t do well in a larger Texas city is straight up bunk. I’d say it’s easier, actually, because we have a larger business traveler market accustomed to paying higher rates (who are, for the most part, the clients I focus on marketing to). Marketing to primarily locals? Yeah, that’d be difficult. But a little thinking outside the box, and y’ain’t gonna starve to death with rates at the upper end of the bell curve.

    And my experience also backs the claim that raising rates is GREAT for business. 😉

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