I adore socials.  Love them.  A few months back, before Mr X, I never missed a social in CC, SA or Houston.

Now, Lap and El Gato are gone.  They ran our CC socials.

Brandy and I have been assuming someone would, after a week or two, realize that, yes, Virginia, there would be no socials unless one of the guys stepped up to the plate and took on the responsibility of throwing them.


Socials are vital, more so to Corpus than the other cities.  Corpus is a small market.  We do not have a wide variety of girls, and new hobbyists will not enter/stay in the hobby unless they can at least occasionally get a wide variety of girls.  The local ladies need new hobbyists to maintain a decent stable of regulars plus new clientele.  The final part of this equation is – socials are what bring traveling girls to Corpus, providing variety.

Ergo, without socials we die on the vine.

Brandy and I are seriously considering taking over the CC socials.  Someone has to, else we stagnate and the local market suffers.  If the guys won’t step up, one of the girls has to.  Brandy and I have been throwing little hobby parties once a month at our incall – just for a few select friends we know well, lunch and conversation style of thing – so the mechanics of a hobby party aren’t foreign.  Just the scale.


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  1. The whole social thing weirds me out a little.

    I guess this part of my life is SO SECRET, I don’t know how I could be so casual about it. I also have an illusion (and yes, I now know it is an illusion, lesson learned) that I am somewhat special to the girls I see.

    I wonder if talking with others about my exploits would be bothersome. Also, I am not sure I want to see who else they are sleeping with…I don’t need that visual while I am with them.

    What happens at a social anyway? How do you get invited to a social? What are you looking to do at a social? Since the majority of your clients are married do they worry about having someone else know that they “hobby”?

  2. Socials are a great way to meet, and talk with people that all have the same little secret lifestyle in common. It is also a great way to meet a gal,get to know her a little and decide if she is someone you would would like to see. Nothing wild or crazy happens at a social, just lots of conversation and some cutting up.

  3. I like the socials, it puts me in touch with people that have similar interests – females that are easily able to relate to males that have zero game. Thus pay for play.

    In turn, I get an opportunity to see what some of the ladies look like, see there social skills, and make a choice if this is someone that I may enjoy more intimately.

    I did get a chance to meet a certain redhead at an SA social about 18 mos ago, but haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her since.

    She also seemed engaged in people watching as well.

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