Apparently, I need to watch more TV

WTH, I never knew Warrick was killed.

I watch very little TV.  Currently I DVR House and The Event (I totally called the aliens thing about fifteen minutes into the premiere) and that’s all I watch other than the news.  When I find a good series, I’m fairly faithful but the boob tube has just never been a big priority with me.

Which makes me prone to finding out I missed something big.  Like, oh, for eg; Kutner died (missed that one completely, WTF); NCIS didn’t just replace Kate with Ziva, she was shot (big marathon last couple of days, that’s how I found out); and just now, that CSI killed off Warrick.  Sadface.  He made the afro hot again.

Tangent: The new Geico commercial on why former drill instructors make bad therapists is hysterical.  I LOL’ed.

Moment of silence for the death of all those characters I liked well enough to turn on the TV every now and then.

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  1. Watched the NCIS last night where Kate joined the team from the Secret Service. The one where Gibbs saves the President’s life. New NCIS tonight!

  2. What does it say if I have no clue who Kutner or Warrick are (or The Event, for that matter)? And please please PLEASE tell me someone said “Alas poor Warrick, I knew him well” on that show….

    • Warrick is an original character from CSI. Kutner is a character on House. The Event is a fairly gay new show that comes on right after House – I find it amusing, though I still don’t quite know why.

      Brandy and I have been wondering where you went off to. Good to see you around.

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