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I got a call from Dipshit McTwat.  Holy Clue-By-Four, he called from a proper number this time.  As opposed to his friend’s phone, his wife’s phone, or blocking the number for his work.  He wanted to apologize for annoying me (considering he must be one of very few hobbyists to ever get told in bluntest tones possible “not even if you paid me triple” – it was safe to assume I was annoyed).  There were an awful lot of justifications as to why he got my number from a hobby buddy and then blew up my phone to chat, to ask why I wouldn’t break my exclusive contract with Mr X for someone with no references, to tell me I was being meeeeeeean, to explain why he used me as a reference and then subsequently to explain why he gave me a fake reference after I had patiently told him, yea verily, a reference must be someone you have seen BCD, et cetera et cetera ad nauseam…  You see, he didn’t know any better, despite how many times I politely told him better, and this fellow who got my number off a buddy and kept calling me from random inappropriate numbers was too nervous to call me from a decent number for security purposes – because god only knows what a hooker might do if she gets your number, amirite?  She might call you from her friend’s/husband’s/bosses’ phone constantly or some shit.

But he did apologize.  And I told him brightly, “Okay!  You have a nice afternoon.”


I never know what to say to ladies who are having problems I know are fairly commonplace, but which I don’t have to deal with.  I have been NCNS’ed twice (and both were in San Antonio), cancellations are extremely rare.  Oftentimes, it’s even a problem with a specific hobbyist.  This fellow shorts the envelope.  That fellow is known for being a highly insulting “negotiator”.  The other fellow sent a rude PM over a lady using an avatar that wasn’t her own image (f’ing hell, my avatar’s a damned goldfish bowl and my showcase image is Pimp Smurf, but no one sends me rude PMs about it).  In each of these instances, I knew the guys.  And they weren’t like that with me.

I mean, you definitely don’t want to say that he didn’t try this with you and was actually quite a sweetheart who you’d allow a repeat performance – sounds arrogant as anything, and is not helpful.  Best I’ve come up with is to make soothing noises, and wonder why the hell these fellows don’t pull such hijinks with me.  Seriously, why?  Ten year old kids are bigger than I am, they can’t be worried I’d beat them up.  I don’t post names on the blog no matter how badly someone’s pissed me off, so, yeah, maybe I’ll tell my ATF and Brandy and you’d better not use me as a reference if you pull some jacked-up shit, but it’s not like I’m going to run to the community and make them spank you.

Emily no unnerstan.

Explain it to me, my lovely gents.  Why will a fellow with a reputation for bad, disrespectful behaviour towards women treat me much better?  I’m interested in this, because it’s almost like magic.  If I know what it is about me or him makes some rude little tit into a perfect gentleman, then I can replicate it consciously (wouldn’t we all like to live in a world where no one shorts the envelope or says nasty things.  Yes, we would.)  Maybe I’ll have a better idea of what to say to the ladies then, too.  You know, I get that I attract a higher quality of gentleman by offering quality myself, not being a Wal-Mart escort and screening like mad.  But when the same fellow is reported by numerous ladies as doing a specific bad thing, and then has exemplary behaviour with me, none of that explains it.

It’s a funny old world.

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  1. I can’t understand why someone would stiff a girl…er…I mean stick it to them…uh, that doesn’t work either…I mean fuck them over….oh shit…wait…I don’t know why a guy would want to shaft…uh…

    Maybe your just a nice, take no shit, kinda gal?

    Also, it is a known fact, don’t mess with a small skinny red head….

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