The To-Do List

I need to –

– get a haircut, laws, yes.  Bianca and Aidan always have such cute hair, I felt like a shaggy dog next to those two.

– get new contacts.  My last pair is on its last legs.  For the last week, people have been asking why I’m so tired because I’m rubbing my eyes, but it wasn’t exhaustion, I was trying to clear my contacts.

– manicure, liek whoa.  Probably not acrylics, far too hard to type with those plastic talons attached to your fingers.

– new phone.  I finally gave in and solicited advice from F, who knows all about technology, as to a good phone with decent signal out in the county, that won’t be too hard for a technophobe like me to figure out how to use.  Groan, whine, whimper.

– really scrub the incall.  We tidy and wipe down every day, and I scrub the bathroom once a week, but I need to haul over the vacuum and sweep and mop.

– curtains for the incall.  The blinds just aren’t doing it for us, the morning sun makes the bedroom too bright to really set the mood via candles and the afternoon sun heats the living room awfully.  Something in a dark red perhaps.

The hardest part of this list will be finding the time.  This afternoon is still open, so I might get at least one of these done then.  Hopefully.

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  1. Your hair is great, it’s very grabable. I do agree that Bianca and Aidan look great though. For the rest, I would hire a maid, then you wont ever break a nail.

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