Busy bee, Christmas-y

Haircut – check! Nothing fancy, just got it trimmed up.

New contacts – check! Well, almost check.  This is what I get for waiting, when I should have cleared the schedule and gotten them last week.  Old contacts with build-up = eye infection.  I had an appointment Monday, another Tuesday and the follow-up on Saturday.  In the meantime, I’m wearing glasses.  I can’t wear the contacts until Saturday.  I’m looking very much like a librarian right now; haven’t worn glasses since I was 14, so this is weird.  Lesson learned – clear the schedule or have it cleared for me, and that antibiotic was dreadfully expensive.  At least my eye isn’t goopy, just sensitive to light.

New phone – check! I got an Epic.  This thing is so COOOOOL.  Again, my miserly self winced at the price tag but I keep telling myself if you price all the electronics it replaces (GPS, voice recorder, camera, netbook) it’s rather reasonable.  The camera is excellent.  My only issue with it so far is that the battery lasts no time at all and Brandy’s has the Sims but I still can’t figure out how to get that on mine.  Currently setting up non-hobby voicemail and downloading sound effects (AHAHAHA).

Scrub the incall – still to do.  Probably today, I wanted to sweep and mop my house last night and couldn’t because the broom and mop were still at the incall.  Bother.

Curtains for the incall – check! They’re quite nice.  Suedecloth blackout curtains, the bedroom in brown and the living room in that dusty dark grey-green I think they call ‘sage’.  Of course, now we need to get a lamp.


So today I’m probably going to scrub up the incall, and I have this box I want to wrap in Christmas paper – for the donations box, the gift cards and whatnot gents are giving us to donate for the holiday can go in the box and it will look all very festive.  And I want to get a poinsetta over here.  Brandy’s talking about hanging lights.  Our place is going to be very Christmas-y for a few weeks.

Which segues right into something I’ve been curious about.  Giving holiday gifts to hobbyists – good idea/bad idea?  *I* want to do it.  It’s fun to get presents for friends, and on the business side these friends have been varying levels of good to me over the last year.  Nothing huge; books, a bottle of wine or liquor, comical boxer shorts (currently hunting for boxers that light up/glow in the dark/sing tunes, send me a link if you know where I can get some), you know, stuff like that.

The concerns-

– the cadre that looks for ill motives.  “She’s fishing for an appointment/an expensive gift for herself.”  Do not want.

– it’s Very Bad Form to put a hobbyist in a situation where he has to explain something.  Such as, for eg;, why he smells of latex and has warming oil on his nipples, or where he got that present.

– jealousy, of the “why didn’t I get something when he did” variety.  DO NOT WANT.


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  1. Sorry about the eye infection, but the librarian look sounds kind of sexy. Might be a good twist.
    A christmas feel at the incall is good.
    The gifting,,,, not a bad idea, depending on who you give to. The underwear would have to be hidden away by most guys.
    I find myself wanting to get a Santa outfit and have you sit in my lap.

  2. You should go by Turner’s for your poinsettia. I hear they have some of the new exotic kinds.

    • Will do. ChinaMart only had fake plastic poinsettas, and fake plastic Christmas cheer is a sin against the gods. I need three, one for my house, one for my incall and I promised one to a nice old lady who lives hear me, so I’ll go see what Turner’s has. Is that some local nursery store?

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    Have a look at our webpage as well

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