Bleat on, my drama llamas

Eccie, you give me so much sadface.

The number of people who equate basic civility, manners, with gender-worship and/or admiration is asinine.  Sweet Christ on a pogo stick, seven pages (and counting!) of pedantic bickering over definitions and “but what about…”

The mommy issues are kind of fun to watch though.

Everyone deserves respect on first blush, if by “respect” we mean “basic civility” and naturally I do.  What they get after that depends entirely on them.

I mean, sheesh.  It isn’t hard to figure out what is meant by respect in context.

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  1. I respectfully 🙂 dissent in part. He didn’t word it in a way that appeared to be limited to basic civility or good manners.

    There are some P4P clients who go beyond basic civility and manners, to something that closely resembles worship. The ladies can do no wrong and these clients are always ready to excuse their behavior, no matter what. There are not necessarily a lot of these clients, and the assholes sometimes try to discredit many others who are merely civil and polite under the same rubric of “White Knight.” That epithet gets tossed around much more often that is justified.

    But then, so do the complaints from those few real “defenders regardless of the circumstances” about negative comments about ladies; it’s not always bashing or an agenda by the person making such comment. I’ve seen several such defenders who attacked others for reporting (correctly) a lady who engaged in “pre-pay-but-no-play-and-no-refund” or various other categories of bad behavior. Even for ladies who were known for a history of such behavior. It’s hard to escape the conclusion that the defense was based more on libido — how she looked and “etcetera” — than on principles. Combined with extravagant praise for virtually anything those ladies say or do as completely wonderful. Those guys annoy me as much as do the assholes.

    When someone runs around posting a poll in numerous locations, and states it in terms of “respect” and (more importantly) “in EVERY circumstance” (emphasis added) . . . the bee in his bonnet and the breadth of the claim can understandably be interpreted as having come from one of those irrational defenders. And that he may define “respect” much more broadly than you or I would.

    If you ask me “are X, Y, and Z real assholes not fit for civilized company?” my answer would be an unequivocal “Yes.” If you ask me “do you treat women as somehow less worthy because they are women or because they are escorts?” or “do you forget about basic civility and good manners when dealing with or talking about escorts?” my answer would be an unequivocal “God, I sure hope not or my momma is gonna tan my hide.”

    If you ask me “do you respect all women in every circumstance?” my answer is probably gonna be “No.” While I certainly condemn and don’t want to defend the behavior of the assholes, I also don’t want to defend the position of the irrational defenders.

    Without having read that thread, I suspect a fair amount of the controversy is based on the same irritation not only with the assholes but also with those who go too far in the other direction.

    (Of course, some would say that I take that position not based on principle but primarily because I’m an irascible curmudgeon and pain in the ass. But you already knew that. 🙂 )

    • Don’t I just, lol.

      I think in more general terms I could find much to agree with in what you wrote about hypothetical likely motivations. In context, however, I see reason to doubt. The discussion/drama bait was started in Houston. It’s equally likely that this fellow is just disgusted by two teenage runaways being held in a hotel with sex exchanged for shelter and tacos.

      To give your point full justice, if the poll had originated in Dallas I freely admit I’d have assumed he was one of those pussified Nice Guys trying to get into women’s panties by gushing about periods and how yucky boys are. It didn’t, ergo I think it more likely he’s speaking to the human condition as a reaction to extremely recent predatory behaviour in Houston. Would have been nice if he’d had more efficient wording, but yeah.

      • I never read the original thread — it had been moved by the time I became aware of it and I don’t have Premium Access. And I don’t know anything about the guy who started the poll. That may have affected my reaction somewhat. Of course, that’s what he should expect when he’s posting all over the board — a lot of people who read it won’t have caught the original drama or be familiar with him. If he’d only posted the poll in Houston, or worded it differently, I might have reacted differently.

        Nah, probably not. Gotta keep up the curmudgeonpain-in-the-ass reputation. 🙂

  2. LOL. Yep. His heart’s in the right place (probably, maybe) but the execution sucked.

    You know I’ve never bought that curmudgeon stuff.

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