A Controversial Word From Our Sponsors

B and I have been listening to the news non-stop since the shooting yesterday, and I’ve reached a conclusion.  Whoever is managing public relations in Tuscon really, REALLY needs to install someone besides that sheriff as the public spokesman.

The man is clearly broken up.  He’s stated he knew many of the people personally.  This makes him a very sympathetic character – I want nothing more than to give the fellow a big hug, poor man – but his statements are one soundbite nightmare after another.  I doubt he’s thinking properly.  Probably running at the mouth from shock, which is completely understandable.  Nevertheless…

– Implying that Republican pundits and conservative news are to blame, by “inciting” the unstable elements in the population.  Seriously?  This is not Glenn Beck’s fault.

– And then he goes off on gun control.  This was not the gun’s fault either.

– The coup de grace was a mention that they used to lock up the mentally ill but now they’re out on the streets shooting people (not an exact quote, can’t find an exact quote, but something like that).  The defense attorney probably wet himself with glee at that one.  He has the sheriff on record as giving the opinion that the shooter was mentally ill, perhaps so mentally ill as to need locking up because he can’t control his actions.

Everyone leapt to “mentally ill” but I’m not necessarily buying that.  Incoherent, sure.  Not terribly educated, yes.  I’ve seen the same sort of crazy-style writings from people online though.  Disjointed writing can come as easily from public education as being three bricks shy of a shithouse.  Show me the psych reports first.  What we know for certain is that the shooter is a grade A asshole.  Ill-educated sane people who shoot little girls because they’re pissed off at the government makes a pretty prima facie case for Asshole Of The Year.

Fry the bastard.  Send that sheriff home to his wife and a Valium, and put someone who didn’t know the victims personally in front of the press.

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  1. Yes, the sheriff has acted very unprofessionally. Most lawmen in this sort of situation are very cautious, don’t let themselves get ahead of the evidence, and certainly don’t indulge in wild social commentary.

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