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This is somehow a statement on the violence of conservatives and the Tea Party.  Oh, sure, that makes tons of sense.  Radical conservatives are well-known for their love of communist literature, burning patriotic symbols and being pot-smoking liberals.  File this under “Never let a good crisis go to waste”.  Idiots.  Disgusting idiots at that.

I’m sure Congresswoman Giffords is a lovely woman, kind to cats and bald men, pays her taxes and bakes cookies and takes gifts to her mother for no reason at all.  I hope she recovers fully.  That said, a member of the House who votes for TARP; Obamacare; repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell; extending unemployment; expanding hate crimes; AARP (stimulus bill); the Food Safety bill and cap and trade is not a perfect bastion of non-partisan centrist beliefs.  There’s a difference between refusing to speak ill of the dead (or those so gravely injured as to make the issue in doubt) and rewriting who they actually were.

There is no such thing as an automatic handgun, to the best of my knowledge.  Also, 9mms are not assault weapons.  Let’s at least make some efforts at accuracy in our stampede to burn the Second Amendment.

It is entirely possible to be both an asshole and a criminal without being a terrorist.  News is reporting the authorities will possibly be pursuing charges under the label of domestic terrorism.  *facepalm*  So much fail.

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  1. We need to recognize that the great threat is the godless Chinese. Giffords had her opinions, but she’d been elected 3 times by her district, she clearly had a lot of support. And no a 9 mm isn’t an automatic weapon. Extended magazines can kill a lot of people and he could have had a second or third gun too. People need to recognize crazy people and report their behavior.

    I mourn most for that 9 year old girl for children are the future.

  2. I’m no fan of Sarah Palin, but blaming her for the shooting as so many of her obsessive enemies are trying to do, is just ridiculous. BTW, how are the “godless Chinese” involved in this and what makes them such a big threat?

  3. I’d criticize her for everything except DADT.

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