Just once, I would like to be wrong about politics

Both quick and predictable.

Rep. Robert Brady, D-Pennsylvania, said he will introduce legislation making it a federal crime for a person to use language or symbols that could be perceived as threatening or inciting violence against a Member of Congress or federal official.

Emphasis my own.

And it was just yesterday that the news was making orgasmic much-ado about Giffords having read the First Amendment on the House floor to open the session.  People continue to believe that it is not only possible to exchange liberty for security, but apparently that there is an event horizon at which the criminals will feel such empathy for our helplessness that they will stop committing crimes.  Let me know how that works out for you there, Mr. Brady.

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  1. What makes a certain section of the population more special than another? I know that isn’t your point but it pisses me off nonetheless. How about instead of harsher penalties for “against members of congress or police people” we just make it against anyone? My son gets shot, but because he is not a member of congress or a cop, the bastard that shot him gets a lesser charge? I know, again not your point 🙂

    • Tangent! (Bring me a pack of smokes and I will forgive you.)

      I can get alongside stronger penalties for crimes against officials in the course of their legal duties. The difference between a federal judge or a cop and your son being, your son is not currently engaging in public service which has the potential to make him the target of criminal retribution.

      What makes me go “WHAAAAT?” is that they’re proposing with a straight face to criminalize political dissent.

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