Turns out I am not cynical enough. Go figure.

Whoa, Nellie.


The sheriff has been editorializing and politicizing the event since he took the podium to report on the incident. His blaming of radio personalities and bloggers is a pre-emptive strike because Mr. Dupnik knows this tragedy lays at his feet and his office. Six people died on his watch and he could have prevented it.  He needs to step up and start apologizing to the families of the victims instead of spinning this event to serve his own political agenda.

Jared Loughner has been making death threats by phone to many people in Pima County including staff of Pima Community College, radio personalities and local bloggers. When Pima County Sheriff’s Office was informed, his deputies assured the victims that he was being well managed by the mental health system. It was also suggested that further pressing of charges would be unnecessary and probably cause more problems than it solved as Jared Loughner has a family member that works for Pima County.

Ho-ly shit.

To bring the white-hot light of OMGthatmanissofucked into full clarity, death threats by phone are felony charges.  Had the sheriff pursued these charges instead of pooh-poohing them, Jared Loughner would not have been able to buy the gun used in the shooting.  He wouldn’t have been able to pass the required screening.

That is fucked up.  Tar + feather + rail.

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  1. This doesn’t surprise me. After the fact they almost always find ignored facts that could have prevented things like this.
    When they start screaming about gun control I hope they will look at Mexico’s position on guns, and the amount of killing that goes on in that country. The bad guys have them, and use them and laws don’t seem to make a difference. One well armed citezen might have stopped this before it got as bad as it did.

  2. The guy’s been crazy for awhile. Now Sarah Palin’s stalker is trying to get his restraining order lifted. This is what happens when you close mental institutions and you just put all the crazy people in prison–they have to commit a crime first to be put away. And there is no effect on the crime rate at all.

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