Lies, damned lies, and.. well, all of the above.

Maggie McNeill puts up a very good post on a subject dear to my heart: the Mainstream Media Are Liars, Idiots or Both… Yeah, Probably Both meme.

The cliffnotes are that some media hack found a DOJ study which claims 293,000 youths are “currently at risk of becoming victims of commercial sexual exploitation.”  From there, a gripping expose follows about the 300,000 child sex slaves in America.  OMG y’alls!  Child sex slavery is more common than autism, diabetes, chicken pox and redheads!  Just think of the economic stimulus from all those child sex slaves going to Dallas.  I’m sure Monkeypaw is on his way right now, with plenty of Taco Bell money.

And then the brains of us merry few who still have critical thinking skills kick in.  The Superbowl is not and has never been an orgy of exploited women and children.  The number of happy hookers, for that matter, is a fraction of the hysterical media claims.  (Sorry, dudes. It’s already been studied and proven nothing more than a myth.)  The number of child sex slaves is exaggerated for ratings and personal issues.

Brave new world.  The media is more agenda-driven than your common blog, and less accurate.  It’s just depressing to realize I’m surrounded by a population who get their worldview on the basis of, “The TV said so and TV would never lie to me!”

ETA: The link should work correctly now.  Oops.

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  1. Hi there.

    My colleagues and I have really ejoyed reading your blog.

    Maybe you could help us out with some research we are doing?

  2. You should have read back further. I’m a writer, and if I wanted to tell my story I’d do it myself. Sorry.

    To help you out, your biggest hurdle with the story will be that either you can perpetuate a stereotype which bears a merely glancing similarity to reality or you can portray a realistic look at the lives of ordinary escorts and bore your audience to tears with how prosaic we really are.

    My vote goes for a satirical look at the number of normal, boring women escorting right under the noses of people freaking out about crack-addicted streetwalkers. How talented are you at ironic wit?

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